VRChat: How to Change Camera Resolution

How to change resolution of VR chat camera and screen shots


Make config.json File

Step 1

Go to C:\Users\User\AppData\LocalLow\VRChat\VRChat

Hint: Sometimes might be easier to hit Windows key and type %appdata% and navigate from there

Step 2

Make a new text file (will be changed to a json) in this location called config.json

Open this json file in note pad and paste the following into it and then save it. (in this case it will output 4k)

    "camera_res_height": 2160,
    "camera_res_width": 3840,
    "screenshot_res_height": 2160,
    "screenshot_res_width": 3840,

Keep in mind VR chat’s Camera can go as low as 720p and as high as 4K resolution and can’t go higher or lower at the moment.

For more info on the config.json file go here

VR Chat docs – configuration file

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