Warhammer 40000 Shootas Blood & Teef: Better Ork and Best Ork Multiplayer Guide

The fast and efficient way to get Better Ork and Best Ork Achievements
Also how to set up an online lobby


Step 1: Unavoidable
You ‘ave to ‘ave a friend and then convince them to play this game, its good so wont be a hard sell, plus kicking the crud out of each other In multiplayer is actually a right laugh.

Failing that or if you iz a chronic loner go to the discussion pages and ask to play with someone or reply to someone already asking.

Or join an open random Vs Match online.

You’ll have this done within an hour, easy.

Step 2: Be a Good Host
Alright, the best way to do this is to set it up yourself then invite others. If a jobs worth doin’ don’t be a lazy git and do it yaself.

1) On the main menu click that scary online button, it don’t bite.

2) Now create a room for all the killin’

3) This time we don’t want no namby-pamby coop, ‘it that Verses button

4) Next pick a map, if I ‘ave to explain this stuff to you then you need to get ya mum to do it.

5) Alright the meat and potatoes of the setup. Click the button that says settings. Leave it at Deathmatch, set Amount of Lives to 1, Max Kills to 1 and Time limit to 2 minutes. Sometimes even a 1 on 1 runs longer than 1 minute.

Step 3: ‘Ave a Right Good Time
Just play the game with ya mate or rando’s now. You’ll hit best Ork in well under an hour, matches are fast and fun. And when you or your mate hits that 50 wins, don’t be a nob about it. Keep playing until you both have it.

Now, if one of your members or friends or anyone is a little….. Grot like, maybe you go easy on them. Or if you are feeling particularly nice you can just stand there as they beat the snot out of you.

Its all about ‘avin a really good time and a nice bloody fight.

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