Warhammer Vermintide 2: Tricks for the “Tower of Treachery” Map

This map is not easy, but I can show you some tricks that will help.


Starting up

See this machine here? Put in these combinations to get items. You can get a full inventory for everyone.

Middle, Right, Left = Healing Potion
Middle, Left, Right = Strength Potion
Right, Middle, Left = Speed Potion
Left, Right, Middle = Concentration Potion

Ward Event

There are 4 wards you need to destroy. You will be assaulted by many chaos warriors, and it can be very dangerous on Cataclysm. Here’s a spot you can sit, where none of them can hit you. Even a short range axe can reach the chaos warriors, if you crouch and aim down.

I’m standing on the bookshelf right by the first ward, ground floor. Jump to it from above, because the gap that I’m facing is too big.

Glitch: Sometimes all the chaos warriors will spawn and get stuck in the next area. So, when you leave, you’ll suddenly find a wall of chaos warriors blocking your way. If they kill everyone, retreat to the bookshelf and kill them from there. This is easy to do, even alone.

End Event

This is a really difficult event. I know of no tricks, so I’ll just tell you how it goes down. No pictures, because I have nothing to show, and you should know the area. It’s a big circle with 2 asymmetrical arms.

1. You must get a barrel and throw it into the maw. Floating skulls hover around and will attack you, blowing up the barrel (even if you aren’t holding it). It’s very annoying. Bring a Shade, so that she can move the barrels in stealth. Do it quickly. If you are slow, the skulls will get you or the barrel.

2. The horde is infinite. You can’t wait it out. Faster is better, for this event.

3. When the barrel successfully enters the maw, a spin cycle will occur. Two beams of blue fog will spin counter-clockwise around the arena. Stay away from them and be moving counter-clockwise, while you fight the hordes.

4. After the first spin cycle, a wave of plague monks will spawn. Be ready for it, because they can easily wipe the unprepared. These will continue to spawn, so do the second barrel quickly.

5. The 2nd spin cycle is the same as the first. However, after that spin cycle, chaos warriors will spawn with each wave. So, be quick about the 3rd barrel.

6. There are 3 barrels and 2 spin cycles. The last barrel ends the event and kills everything for you.

Fast Version: Bring a shade to move barrels. Be fast as possible. Move counter-clockwise during spin cycle. Spawns are infinite.

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