WARRIORS OROCHI 3 Ultimate Definitive Edition: Achievements Guide 100%

All the information you need about the achievements and in general, along with tips and ways to avoid bugs.

Gameplay achievements

Experience Rush
Obtain a Scroll of Enlightenment.
Those drop randomly from enemies and you’ll come across a lot of them during the game. They make every enemy drop a XP scroll upon defeat for a limited time, so wail away on peons once you have it.

All Together Now
Simply press D-pad down. This switches between playing only with the officer you have selected or having the two remaining ones acompanying you as NPCs.
They still take damage tough, so beware in case you need to swap to a new character and it is on low HP.

Dancing Across the Sky
Jump and use a special attack (R1) to use an aerial special attack.
Special attacks are powerful moves that use up some musou. They’re cheaper and weaker than musous. Ground specials and aerial specials are different from each other, and each character has their own moves.

The Ultimate Musou
Use a true musou burst.
These happen when you use a musou (B) along with an npc officer from your team. To pull that off, summon your two extra officers (D-pad down). When they have a full musou bar and are “connected” to your character by a red sparkling line (in other words, near enough), use your musou. You may even do that by “accident” lots of times.

Master Promoter
Promote the same character three times.
Promotions are available when a character reaches level 100, and reset them to level 1. By doing that, you will enable them to get upgrade stones as they level up again, open up two new item slots (up to 6) and some other bonuses with specific numbers of promotions, up to the 9th.
You get one upgrade stone to each level you gain on a promoted officer, and each stone raises an attribute by two points ( 1 Lvl = 1 stone = 2 stats).

Tip: With your first stones i recommend you get your character’s speed to the max (180).
Also, careful not to overshoot when leveling a stat. My recommendation is getting the officer to lvl 100 and level stats up to the max (999 except speed). That’s because you can allot, for example, 500 points on attack if your officer is at a low level, but it won’t go up after 999 and the stones are non-refundable. If you use too many of them to get early 999 on some stats, others wont reach 999 after you reach max level at max promotion.

The Mounted Trinity
Perform a mounted True Triple Attack
A true musou is triggered by pressing LT and RT at the sime time when the blue, circular bar below the character portraits is full. Simply do it when on top of a horse. Press D-pad up to call it and jump when near it to mount.

Linked Musou
This is a tricky one that can evade you during the whole gameplay if you dont look into it. You have to do a SPECIAL triple rush attack.
A (normal) triple rush attack is when you hit an enemy with a charge attack (after two or more normal attacks) and once it connects, switch to another officer. He will rush in and hit the enemy. Do it again for the second rush, and a last time (finishing with the character you were using to begin with) for the triple rush.

A SPECIAL triple rush is when you do it with a specific combination of characters, starting with a specific one. How to figure it out without a guide? Hell if i know. Trial and error. All the game says is the three-man group in the Officer Info screen, here:

Some character have more than one eligible group.
You’ll know you have done it right if the triple rush attack seems way more cinematic than usual, and the achievement will pop.
The bad news is the next achievement…

Perfect Coordination
Do ALL special triple rush attacks in the game.
Really big grind to just keep figuring it out for each group, right? Well then, here’s an extensive guide on all of them: link[www.playstationtrophies.org]
Anyway, tip: after the first charge attack hits, just spam RT until it’s done.

Story achievements

Heroes from Beyond
Unlock Momiji, Kasumi, Sterkenburg and Sophitia.
Those are unlocked on side quests, which in turn, are unlocked by talking to groups of officers on your camp. They gradually appear as you progress on the story. You’ll eventually get them if you aim to do all side quests, but in case you don’t, the specifics for these characters are:

Momiji – Battle of Wan Castle – Conversation between Jia Xu and Ryu Hayabusa.
Kasumi – Battle of Yan Province – Conversation between Nemea, Diaochan, and Ayane.
Sterkenburg – Battle of Xu Province – Conversation between Sun Shangxiang, Yoshimoto Imagawa, and Motochika Chosokabe.
Sophitia – Battle of Liaodong – Conversation between Sun Jian, Nene, and Masanori Fukushima.

Divine Mirror Fragment
Clear “The imprisonment of Tamamo” in chapter 6. Umissable story stage.

The Divine Mirror’s Whereabouts
Clear the last stage of chapter 6, “Battle of Itsukushima”, also umissable.

Friends Reunited
Unlock Yinglong. You’ll meet and talk to him at the start of chapter 7, and subsequently unlock him.

Return from the Mystic Realm
Clear stage “War against the Serpent King” in chapter 7. Also unmissable.

The Imprisoned Nine Tails
Clear stage “Showdown at Odawara Castle”, the last stage of chapter 8. Unmissable.

In Search of the Nine-tailed Fox
Once you finish the storyline, some previous missions (7, to be precise) will have a new version, called Mirror Realm. In these, the characters can identify impostors with the Divine Mirror, revealing them as disguised tails from Kyuubi and unlocking new interactions. Defeat any of them and complete the mission to unlock this achievement. More detailed info on the next achievement.

A Collector’s Tail
Unlocked by defeating all 9 of Kyuubi’s tails. Their identities are as follows, in storyline order:

Struggle at Nanjun – Nobunaga Oda, umissable.

Defense of Tetorigawa – Nagamasa Azai, umissable.

Rescue at Nan Province – Zhang Jiao. CAN BE MISSED. At the end of the mission, Musashi Miyamoto shows up again, along with Zhang Jiao this time. Zhang Jiao MUST be defeated first. Musashi will join you afterwards.

Investiation at Mt. Niutou – Pang Tong, umissable.

Intrigue at Xuchang – This one has two: Sima Zhao and Yan Liang. The latter CAN BE MISSED. She’s found at a western garrison along with Goemon Ishikawa

Insurrection at Jiange – Bao Sanniang, umissable.

The Battle against Tamamo – This one has the last two: Lu Bu and Nezha. Unmissable.

Tip: Achievement can be glitchy. If you don’t get it after defeating all of these officers, try to replay the stages that have two tails. Also, you get one orb for defeating each tail, seen on the rewards screen. Check if you get the according amount after the stages.

Fleeing Foxes
After finishing the story, talk with a generic NPC in the camp to unlock the stage “Escape from the Mystic Realm”. Beat it to unlock Kyuubi and this achievement.

Tip: if you don’t see said NPC, try changing the character you control in the camp. Same applies to following achievements.

Doorway to the Truth
After finishing the story, talk with a generic NPC in the camp to unlock the stage “Rescue of the Mystics”. Beat it to unlock the achievement.

Lonely Vengeance
For this you must have completed the stage “Escape from the Mystic Realm”. Talk with a generic NPC in the camp to unlock a small side-storyline focused on Kyuubi, beat it to unlock the achievement.

Weapon Achievements

Newfound Strenght
Obtain a Mystic Weapon. These are special weapons that don’t drop the regular way. The short version is, to unlock character X’s weapon, you have to go to a specific story mission on hard or chaos and kill a set amount of enemies in set time. That will spawn a chest with the weapon in it.
Steam user nicky has already made three guides on how to unlock these for each character:

Unlimited Power
Obtain all Mystic Weapons, one of the grindiest achievements of the game.

Tip: to make it quicker, try using teammates that have the Impulse skill, like Sun Wukong, to help with mobility.

Gauntlet and Craft achievements

Welcome to the Lion’s Den
Clear a stage for the first time in Gauntlet Mode.
It can be really confusing, so i recommend checking out Lady Loranda’s guide on it’s basics, here on steam:

A Deadly Encounter
Defeat an Otherworld Invader. Pretty self-explanatory.
If you have doubts about what’s an invader, check the guide linked above.

Stay in Formation
Perform a formation attack.
Those are done by using and combining the skills that the defensive/green formations provide. The catch is that all your characters have to be in position, and that’s hardly achievable in movement. Therefore, stay still for a second so your characters are in position and use your R3 to trigger a, for example, Tornado skill. Then, switch to a new character and use, for example, Boltwave. Then, move so both skills “touch”.That should do it.

A Helping Hand
Complete your first request.
Requests are small missions like “Kill X Officer 5 times”, “Kill this type of troop 500 times”, “Kill 100 Officers”. You can check them with the Mystic NPC on camp, and hold a max of 5 at a time. You also have to report them in once complete. When you advance to a new level for the first time, new requests will come in.

Charitable Contributions
Complete all requests.
Grindy as hell.

Tip: Leave the “500 troops of such type” and “famous officer 5 times” ones for last. The remaining requests can be fulfilled at any stage. When you’re done with those, you’ll have a lot of stages explored and you’ll know where to look for what. Remember that more requests come in as you get to new levels the first time.

A New Bond is Formed
Summon your first ally.
When you meet characters on the stages, you can drop one of two things. One is their Sworn Ally item used to summon them. For further explanation check Lady Loranda’s guide, linked previously.
The other possible drop is their special item. Those are particular to each character and you require 2 of them, along with one more material you get randomly from chests or mobs, to craft the X-Weapons: the best weapons in the game.

Learning a Craft
Craft your first item.
That can be a weapon, like explained above, or orbs.
Orbs are basically standalone stats for weapons, like Reach, Agility or Wind. Each orb gives you 5 levels of said stat. There’s also the golden stats, which have a single level.
Gauntlet mode also introduces new combination stats. They are more uncommon and merge togheter two elemental stats in a single slot. Examples are Boltslay, Flamewind, Icewind, etc. There’s also Tri-element, which encompasses Ice, Flame and Bolt.
Recipes for orbs are unlocked once you gather their materials. Some orbs’ materials are only unlocked after your first clear of Gauntlet Mode, like Windslay and Tri-element (the best combination imo).
You can use orbs on your weapons in the blacksmith, using the fusion option. Select your main weapon and the orbs option will show up.

Tip: Once you gather the materials, you can craft things in story mode too.

Master Craftsman
Craft 100 items.
Those can be a mix of weapons and orbs.

Tip: Craft away and quit without saving. You keep the achievement and the materials that way.
You’ll get the achievement once you close the blacksmith menu.

Another World
Clear Gauntlet Mode for the first time
Gauntlet mode has 4 levels, and you can beat it by defeating Hundun in the last one. You will also unlock him as a character for all modes. This guide by Nightman shows the fastest route to do so:

Arrival in the Depths
Clear 5 straight stages.
The description here is slightly misleading. What you actually have to do is clear a stage with 5 links (meaning 5 battlefields in a row) in a single game session (i don’t even know if you can close the game and come back to it tbh). There’s one on the way to Hundun.

The Conqueror’s Den
For this, you have to clear all stages in Gauntlet Mode. But before you try it: you can’t do it on your first playthrough.
You can realize that you only get red keystones while playing, and there are missions thar require a blue, yellow or purple one. When you beat Gauntlet Mode, the option to “replay from the beginning” will show up, alongside “continue” and “new game” on the main menu. You have to select it to restart the stages (you keep all items, request progress and unlocked characters), and get a blue keystone. The next time you do that you will get a yellow keystone, and in the next, a purple. Then, on your fourth playthrough, you’ll be able to clear all stages.

Tip: Work your way towards 95 unlocked characters, when you’ll unlock the Solstice formation. With it, you can warp straight to the exit. This way you can breeze through unnecessary playthroughs and go all out on the fourth.

Duel and Card achievements

Duel Novice
Simply go to Duel mode and start a match against the CPU.

Battle Novice
Same as above, but with another player. Do this by having two controllers connected and starting a local match, you don’t need to finish it. I haven’t checked if this can be done with a keyboard and a controller, or with a single keyboard.

Strategy Card Novice
In a duel match, use a strategy card for the first time.
Cards are unlocked once you first unlock a character in story or gauntlet mode, or you fulfill certain conditions (gold cards). You can use the default cards. They are assigned to the D-pad buttons.

Card Collector
Collect all cards in the game.
Grindy achievement with a lenghty explanation, since the gold cards are considerably specific.
This is a guide on another site that details how to get them, and also offers good tips for the next achievement: link[www.xboxachievements.com]

Survival Novice
Just play survival for the first time. More details about it on the next achievement.

Beat 50 sequential enemies in survival mode.
In survival, you face teams of 3 one after another, with increasing difficulty. Your characters are healed between teams, altough not fully, and do not revive, therefore avoid letting a member of your team die at all costs.

Tips: Besides the card setup you can find on the link provided previously, i also recommend using characters with grabs on their combos and/or good range. Lu Bu’s XXY or XXXXY are good examples. So is Wei Yan’s ground R1. Also, OrochiX has a long range Y that stuns frequently and can be helpful.

Misc. achievements
Fashionable Dresser
Edit the colors of a costume for the first time.
Color editing is enabled by default on Gauntlet Mode, and is unlocked on Story Mode once it’s been cleared. Only standard outfits can be edited, downloaded ones cannot. Your edited colors are saved separately from the default ones, so you can edit away without fear of making your character hella ugly and having to undo it manually.

Getting Started
Clear a battlefield on Musou Battlefields for the first time.
That is the stage creation tool of the game, and the achievement pops if you play a battlefield edited by you. And of course, you want the quick way.
Go into Edit Battlefield > Create New, select any stage and change something – swap an officer, for instance – then hit test play. Play it normally and the achievemet will pop on the results screen. You can then leave and discard changes.

One Warrior vs Ten Thousand
Simply kill 10000 enemies in a single stage.

Tip: do it in gauntlet mode, there’s much more enemies there,

Otherwordly Bonds
Max out Bonds with one of these officers: Momiji, Kasumi, Sterkenburg or Sophitia.
This one is outright buggy or badly worded. Supposedly it unlocks once any character has maxed bonds with one of the four, and many people complain it doesn’t. Mine unlocked once i had a single character with maxed bonds with the four of them. Anyway, if it doesn’t unlock, max more bonds with them, among them, etc.

Tip: the best way to do this is with extra Sworn Ally items from Gauntlet Mode. Many don’t know this, but on the Bonds screen, you can select a character and consume a Sworn Ally to level the bond once. Use three and it’s maxed. Alternatively you can do a team on Gauntlet Mode with the four of them and an extra. You gain 40 bond points among everyone in the team once you clear a battlefield.

True Warrior
Unlock all the achievements.
If you unlock this, you are a god of patience.

Tip: gimme some pls

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