Wobbly Life: Candy Cane Locations (Canada)

Here are all the Location Of Candy Canes In Canada!


Where to Find All Candy Cane

1.By The Treasure Job. 

2.By The Cannon Behind The Mountain. 

3.By The Mine. 

4.By The Canada Elf House. 

5. By The Cheap Wood Huts. 


1. When Christmas Update Goes Away This Guide Will Be Deleted.
2. Enjoy The Candy Canes! 
3. If You Go To The Wood Mansion The Candy Canes Will Respawn!

Q and A

Q: I Found More Candy Canes Then In This Guide. Why?
A: I Might Have Missed Some.Please Tell Me Location And I Will Add It

Q: The Candy Canes Aren’t There. Why?
A: Wobbly Life Varies And Sometimes Is Buggy. Please Set Your Physics Precision To High.

By Ari

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