Wobbly Life: How to Make Wobblux Transactions

Are you a fellow philanthropist, looking to help a Wobbly in need?

Or maybe you just want to help a wobbly friend buy that new coveted Banshee that Magic Motors just released?

You might already have the money to help, but cannot directly do so… Or can you?

Well, what if I told you, wobblux transactions are a possibility?


Preppin’ up!

In order to make transactions, you will need:
  • At least 500 Wobblux.
  • The end user connected to the same server.

Now, to the first step…

The Golden Ring

The first step is traveling to Wobbly city, since there you will find…

The Wobbly Pawn Shop!

And inside this Pawn Shop, you will be able to witness…

The Golden Ring…

The transaction process

Firstly, the grantor purchases the necessary amount of golden rings for the transaction.

Afterwards, the grantee only needs to grab the golden rings…
And sell them!

The catch

As seen, the only problem is that there is a 50% loss when making a transaction, which might not be that much for hardcore philanthropic wobblys, but will require twice the cash for any given asset the grantee might want to purchase.


Now you can help your wobbly friends buy that house they really wanted to jam at the stereo to Emergency and Garbage Job with their newly bought ghost pet alongside their Magic Motors classic Model A!

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