WolfQuest Anniversary Edition: How to Make Points on Your Map

You know those shapes on the side of your map? Well you can make them little points on your map! (I’m sorry if this is a dumb idea but it took me a while to realize how to use them lol.


How to Make Points on Your Map

Step 1
First you have to go to the place you want your little map point thingy.
This is pretty straightforward so idk why I made it a step for it but whatever

Step 2
Next go to your map (press M) and move your cursor to the shape of your choice and click on the the space to the right of it that says: Click here to start typing. you know the words that specifically tell you what to do but I didn’t listen to? Yeah those…

Step 3
After you’re done typing your awesome name just press enter and boom! It appears on the map 😀

Well that’s the simple way to make points on your map! Idk if this is helpful or just really obvious and I just didn’t get it at first but yeah! This is my first guide so have mercy on me 😛

P.S. I don’t really know the use of this bc to mark carcusses on your map you just have to howl near it soooo.

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