World of Warships: Normal Visuals for Event Ships and Camos (ARP, Black Friday, etc…)

A quick guide to show you how you can turn of undesirable visuals and tweak them to your liking. I created this due to the fact that I know that many players take issues with certain visuals and many seem to have no idea that the game offers this option.


1 – Where to Find and Change the Options

There’s a cogwheel icon on the bottom right of your port screen. It should be located above your ship roster. This will allow you customize additional content.

It should look like this when clicked:

It has as of this time three categories:

These all show you the different categories for visual tweaks. Simply click the eye-icons on or off to change the category in question. If you have an appropriate ship already selected, you should see an immediate effect!

2 – Examples of Changed Visuals

Here are a couple of examples of ships where the options were changed.

First up is an example of a Black Friday ship:

This is Tirpitz B. Don’t care for the black camo? No problem! All you have to do is disable the “Decorative” option to off. Observe:

And just like that you got yourself a normal looking Tirpitz B.!

How about Lunar New Year ships? Here’s Wukong.

Certainly an acquired taste for some. Don’t like it? Then disable the “Lunar New Year” option!

This is the same camo style as seen on ships like Anshan. These are also the colors that would be applied to Sanzang and Bajie if you turn this off!

One more example, this time ARP ships. Not everyone likes anime and this works here too. This is ARP Hiei.

Turning off the “Arpeggio” option gives you this look:

Looks like a regular Japanese camo now doesn’t it? There are plenty more categories that disable all kinds of event camos so feel free to experiment.

3 – Notes

Some things should be noted:

– Visual unlocks from collections *do not* affect disabled additional content. For example: If you turn off Black Friday camos and select your Tirpitz B. you cannot change the camo to the alternate paint scheme that the regular Tirpitz would have access to.

– You cannot disable these settings on a ship-by-ship basis. So if you turn off ARP visuals, then this applies to all of your ARP ships at once.

– Where applicable, the appearance of your ships will change to that of the regular permanent camouflage of that ship. This is demonstrated by the Tirpitz example above. Tech-tree ships will look like they had their doubloon permanent camo equipped in this case.

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