Worms Armageddon: All Weapons Guide 2022

In this guide we will explain what ALL THE WEAPONS (that I know at least) of worms armageddon do


Weapons (Frist Line)

Bazooka – The bazooka is a weapon that fires bazookas that are affected by wind

Homing missile: the homing missile is a weapon that fires guided missiles (more or less) towards a marked point on the map

Mortar: the mortar is a VERY DIRECT missile that when it collides with something launches mini bombs from behind

Homing pigeon: The homing pigeon is the same as the homing missile but with more power and more crude

Sheep Launcher: The Sheep Launcher is a sheep launcher. when the sheep touches the ground we can press space for it to explode (also when it is in the air)

Weapons (Second line)

Grenade: The grenade is a thrown object that explodes after 3 seconds

Cluster grenade: it is the same as the grenade only with a much smaller explosion range and when it explodes it releases mini grenades into the sky that explode when they hit something

Banana – The banana is a VERY POWERFUL bomb that when it explodes it releases mini bananas into the sky… only they are just as powerful as the original banana

Battleaxe: Battleaxe is a short range melee weapon that hits worms (obviously).

Earthquake: The earthquake is a weapon that moves the worms from one place to another. if used well it can cause a lot of damage

Weapons (Third line)

Shotgun: The shotgun is a firearm that has 2 shots and 25 damage per shot

Pistol – The pistol is a firearm that has 6 shots and 3 damage per shot

Uzi: the uzi is a firearm that has 8 shots and a damage of (ehhh I don’t know)

Minigun: (I don’t know the bullets or the shots xd)

Bow: The bow is a medieval weapon with 2 shots and 15 damage per arrow

Weapon (Fourth line)

Punch: The punch is a melee weapon that hits the worm by pushing it up. if used well (very easy thing) it can easily drop 1 or 2 worms

Dragon ball: the dragon ball is a melee weapon that strongly pushes the worm making it much easier to throw them into the water

Kamikaze: the kamikaze is a (suicide) weapon that causes the worm to be shot in 8 directions (depends on which one you choose) that pushes hard and at the end of that line it explodes

Suicide Bomb: The suicide bomb causes you to explode, releasing a scent that intoxicates the worms (the explosion does no damage).

Pusher: The pusher is a little push that pushes the worms (very slightly)

Weapons (Fifth line)

Dynamite: Dynamite is a bomb that can be dropped (or dropped) somewhere. if combined with the rope it can be a very good weapon

Mine: same as dynamite but takes longer to explode (I think)

Sheep: the sheep is a little sheep that walks and if we press space it explodes

Super sheep: the super sheep is a sheep that if we press space it starts to fly (left and right to control it) if it collides with something it explodes

Mole bomb: the mole bomb is a mole that digs holes (it makes them with space) and that after making them is thrown to finally explode

Weapons (Sixth line)

Ataque aéreo: el ataque aéreo son misiles aéreos que puedes decir a donde tienen que ir

Ataque naplam: lo mismo que el ataque aéreo pero tira fuego (afectado por el viento)

Huelga postal: la huelga postal son papeles (afectados por el viento) que cuando tocan algo explotan

Lluvia de minas: la lluvia de minas son como un ataque aéreo pero con minas (rebotadoras)

Escuadrón de topos: ataque aéreo pero son topos excavadores

Weapons (Seventh line)

Blowtorch: the blowtorch is a weapon that destroys terrain to be able to pass through them (it costs you a turn I think)

Drill: the drill is used to make a hole in the ground to hide

Beam: the beam is an object that installs a bridge somewhere on the map

Baseball bat: the baseball bat is a bat that strongly pushes the worm, sometimes making a frog

Beams: it’s only 3 beams

Weapons (Eighth line)

Rope: the orange rope/rope is an object that pulls a rope on which you can swing, throw objects and pick up first-aid boxes, etc.

Bungee: a body down rope that prevents you from falling (I think)

Parachute: Let’s say you fall off a spike. this is what saves you… and you can also drop bombs

Teleportation: with the teleporter you can change places between ALL the map only that it costs you the turn

Scales of justice: if I take 50 life from a worm and you use the scales of justice, you take 50 from me (I gave a vague example, I don’t know how it works, but well, I gave it my try)

Weapons (Ninth line)

Super banana: it’s a banana… but you decide when it explodes (press space for it to explode
Granada holy: it is a SUPER grenade. does a lot of damage has a long explosion range and is very powerful

Flamethrower: … it’s a flamethrower, what else do you want me to tell you?

Salvation Army: It is a beaver that walks and plays music that when you play space explodes (and like the banana) and throws many tambourines (his instrument) in the air and that explodes when it collides with something

MB Bomb: The mb bomb is a GIANT bomb that is affected by the wind that when it explodes does a lot of damage and destruction

Weapons (Tenth line)

Gasoline pump: the gasoline pump is a bottle that when it hits something makes an explosion of fire (somewhat small) but… IT IS A FIRE THAT LASTS A LONG TIME

Skunk: The skunk originally walks and jumps. after 5 seconds it starts to release odors so bad that they make the worms sick. after 5 seconds it explodes

Ming vase: the ming vase is like dynamite but when it explodes it throws glass into the sky that explodes when it touches something

Cattle Attack – The Cattle Attack is like an Air Raid but they are flaming sheep that ricochet and explode

Carpet bomb: the carpet bomb is like an air raid but they are… ehh red burritos? that bounce and explode every time they hit the ground

Weapons (Eleventh line)

Mad Cow: Mad Cow are a herd of 1 to 5 cows (changed with numbers 1 to 5) that explode when they touch walls, objects or worms.

Old Lady: Old Lady is a walking granny and after 5 seconds she explodes (you can’t squeeze space for her to explode)

Concrete donkey: the donkey is the statue of a giant donkey that is called for air (like the air attack) but… it is the second most powerful weapon in the game LITERALLY no worm can escape from the donkey

Nuke Test – The Nuke Test is a MEGA weapon that makes worms sick and makes the map swallow up water super fast

Armageddon: Armageddon is the most powerful weapon in the ENTIRE GAME it can literally destroy more than 80% of a map plus it is literally a mega rain of aerial bombs

Weapons (Twelfth)

Passing the turn: it is literally passing the turn

Surrender: literally take out your team

Select worm: with this (it is assumed) that if you select it with right click with TAB you can change worms if it costs you the turn

Freeze: with this we can be frozen during the opponent’s turn and frozen… we are immune to damage

Magic bullet: it’s like a homing missile… but much more powerful

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