WRATH Aeon of Ruin: How to Enable Quicksaving

Tired of having to care about save tethers? Have better things to do with your life than conserving save points? Enable quicksaves, like all retro shooters should have.


Quicksaving and loading is supported by DarkPlaces (the engine that Wrath is based on), but Wrath doesn’t officially support this (obviously), you shouldn’t only use quicksaves when playing the game. Between sessions you should use one of the official ways to save the game, and it wouldn’t hurt to also do it in sessions from time to time, just in case.

Doing It
Adding the capability is quite easy, you just need to modify the config file. First, go to Wrath’s install folder. You can do this by right click on game -> Manage -> Browse local files. This will pop up a new window in the WRATH directory.

The config file that you want to open is:


First, copy that file and name it


That way, if you encounter any problems with your modified config, you can revert back to the previous version.

Then, open up config.cfg in a text editor.

You’ll see a bunch of bind commands. These take the format

bind <name of key> <command>

For instance,

bind F10 “quit”

binds the key F10 to quitting the game. We’re going to add some new ones. I like my quicksave key to be F6, and quickload to be F7. So I deleted the lines:

bind F6 “menu_save”
bind F7 “menu_load”

As far as I know, those existing bindings are DarkPlaces defaults and do nothing in Wrath. We’ll then replace those lines with:

bind F6 “echo Quicksaving…; wait; save quick”
bind F7 “echo Quickloading…; wait; load quick”

This will write a message to a console, then save or load from the file quick.sav. If you want to use a different key, replace F6 and F7 with the keys that you want.

Notably, this quicksave file will not show up in the load menu, but you can load the game from anywhere by hitting the load key (F7 if you’ve been following the guide directly).

Wrath is in early access, so for all I know they could break this system in a future update. For that reason, I’d recommend testing that this works by quicksaving and then loading it immediately before you rely on it for anything critical.

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