WRATH Aeon of Ruin: Cheats Guide

Here is a simple guide on how to enable dev console with the cheat codes in WRATH Aeon of Ruin.


Dev Console
you need to press the Shift + Esc keys to pull up the dev console

god — God mode. You are effectively invincible.

givehealth — Health. Heals the player in full.

give ammo — Full Ammunition.

give all — Get all items.

notarget — Invisibility. Enemies can’t see you.

noclip — Turn Ghost Mode on/off. No clipping lets you go through walls.

kill — Kills the player. Begin again on the current map with your original health, weapons, ammo, and more.

give red key — Gives you the Red Key.

give blue key — Gives you the Blue Key.

give weapons — Gives you all weapons.

give invulnerability — Invulnerability.

fly — Flying Mode.

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