You Will Die Here Tonight: 100% Full Game Quick Guide + True Ending

This is a 100% Walkthrough with commentary to collect all items and collectibles and get the True Ending of the game. Feel free to let me know if I missed anything. (I am aware I didn’t use the rare herbs with the medic character, however, it only creates some med kits and I found that to be an unnecessary death to show that off.)

I will also update the guide or create a new one if/when achievements are added.


You Will Die Here Tonight – 100% Full Game Walkthrough w/ True Ending

Locked Chests Locations

Puzzle Solutions


– Hint: on the description while picking up the shotgun along with the dripping medicine on the drawer nearby.
– Solution: Wait 3 seconds then move off the platform

Iron Maiden

– Hint: In the Alchemy room, check the notes and surrounding objects to figure out the code.
– Solution: 4596

Wall Safe

– Hint: Feed Henry the rat the cupcake at HQ then inspect him again.
– Solution: 0798


– Hint: Read the description from the angel statue that was originally missing a mask.
– Solution:
Cerberus: Right
Raven: Left
Demon: Down
Lucifer: Left

Art Gallery

– Hint: Check the bottom right most painting with the large button and read the poem on it.
– Solution:
Flower (Upper-right corner)
Child (Upper-left corner)
Bumblebee (Lower-left corner)
Butterfly (Missing painting in lower-right corner)
Death (Lower-right corner)
Heart (Missing painting in upper-left corner)
River (Lower-left corner)
Lake (Upper-right corner)

Magnum Puzzle

– Hint: Inspect the Magnum and read the description provided.
– Solution: Moose, Rhino, Goat, Lioness

Shield Knight

– Hint: Use the pool table memory combined with the chess board in the secret lab to solve this.
– Solution: 


– Hint: Use the lock-pick on the bird cage to get a crank then use the crank on the gramophone to get a music sheet.
– Solution: Low A, E, High A, D Sharp, E, F

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