YUME 2 Sleepless Night: All CGs Guide (How to Get)

Here is a guide on how to get all CGs in YUME 2 : Sleepless Night.


How to Get All CGs?

1. The heroine takes a bath, gets CG1, and memories get CG2.

2. Enter the password 1332 in the drawer of the heroine’s room and see the SM appliance.

3. Enter the code 4779 in the corridor cabinet on the 1st floor to get the toilet key.

4. For stage performances, you can get CG3, CG4, CG5.

5. After the performance, I will talk to Marshal Li. The key point is here. The choice must be champagne, and then always choose to drink to get CG6.

6. Strolling around the waiter in the corridor on the 1st floor triggers the story of overturning the wine glass and gets CG7. If you don’t see a waiter here, please choose juice for the previous option.

7. Go to the toilet, open it with the key you just got, and wander around the urinal to trigger the story of Reporter Guo and get CG8.

8. Go upstairs and walk in the middle of the corridor. Don’t trigger any overturned item plot. Enter the room and walk inward to trigger the plot and get CG9.

9. Dialogue with Li Dashuai triggers the plot and gets CG10.

10. There is a branch here, and the option is to tell the truth. At this time, the heroine will go to the president to pour wine, go to the president’s room to trigger the plot, and get CG11! If the previous option is wrong, you won’t pour wine for the president, you can’t get CG11, you get CG12 directly!


How to Get DLC:

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