Zombie Gunship Survival: Easy Kill Farm for Low Levels

An Easy way to farm kills for events/challeneges/weapons



Choose Scorched Earth in North County


Play on hard for the most spawns, there will be 4 titans but they’re easy enough to take out


For straight kills, triple Auto Cannons is fantastic

you can swap out one or 2 of these with a weapon of your choice for particular challenges

Troop Placement

You can actually place your troops in this sneaky little spot right here which enables the zombies to spawn only from the top tree

Have them Wait

Have them wait (Press w) at this spot here

Have Fun

keep blowing them apart at the top tree and rack up them kills, it doesnt matter if its a failed mission, the kills still count!

You can also use this for your troop kills as the zombies will march tightly grouped from the one direction and you can thin the herd as needed to help your troops farm kills.

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