ARK Survival Evolved: Dwungeons & Dwinos Server Mechanics

All of the unique server mechanics of the D&Dwinos server, moved off of discord for your viewing pleasure~


Dino Taming

Gone are the days of clubbing a dino to the ground and force feeding it food until it submits! You must now befriend them as trusting babies, luring them just beyond the watchful gaze of their protective parents, or if you’re feeling brave – by stealing a fertilized egg from an unguarded nest and hatching it yourself! Either way, all naturally spawning creatures must now be tamed as babies or raised from eggs – with added emphasis on ‘natural.’ There is in fact one exception to this rule: the ever-watchful masters of the Ark have sent certain rare mutations to walk the islands as an added challenge for their test subjects. These dinos are rarer and tougher than their natural counter-parts but can indeed be tamed as full adults, as long as you can subdue them first!

Regardless of what dino you are attempting to tame in the wild, all of them require special baits that they can be fed from afar using arrows or directly from your hand. If you ever have any questions about which baits to use or which dinos can be tamed out in the wild, all of this information and more can be found in your trusty Taming Journal. Good luck to all of you and happy taming! o7

Key Points:
1. Taming Young – Most wild dinosaurs can now only be tamed as babies or raised from stolen eggs.
2. Start At Half Level – Wild babies and eggs will only spawn between levels 1-80.
3. Special Nests To Hatch Eggs – There are several tiers of craftable nests that will aid in the incubation of stolen eggs. They come in different sizes and must be fueled in order to function.
4. Tame Rare Mutations The Vanilla Way – Some rare dino species and mutations can still be tamed as adults but will need to be knocked out first and hand-fed bait bags.
5. Helpful Taming Journal – Craft a Taming Journal to view exactly which dinos are available for bait taming in the wild. Any not appearing in this journal will need to be stolen as an egg from a nest.
6. Bait Stations – All baits used to tame wild dinos can be crafted at the Bait Station and Kibble Bait Station.

Saddle Crafting

Now, once you have your desired tame in tow you might be wondering… How do I ride them? Fear not! Simply look down at your left arm to find your answer. These alien devices faceted into the delicate veins of our forearms aren’t just for tracking cardio, nay – they provide the means by which we might command our dino friends with naught but our own thoughts.

However, in order to establish a proper connection you must first find another implant to pair with, which is most easily accomplished by prying them from the rotten corpses of survivors long perished. These will then need to be activated with a sprinkling of DNA before being fused into the saddle of the creature you wish to ride – you’ll be riding around the Ark with near omnipotent control of your tames in no time!

Key Points:
1. Saddle Implants – All saddles require special implants in order to function, very similar to the ones in our arms. Deactivated versions of these can be gained from the following sources:

  • The bodies of fallen survivors found randomly out in the wild.
  • The nests of certain carnivores.
  • Rarely from regular shinies (only tiers 1-3) or more commonly from enraged shinies (all tiers).
  • A guaranteed drop from powerful alphas summoned at terminals.

2. Activating Implants – All implants gained from the above sources need to be activated in the Saddle Kit before use in crafting. This requires a particular sample of DNA to activate, listed in the table below.
3. Saddle Tiers – These implants craft into 6 tiers of generic saddles that must then be crafted into the individual saddle of each dino.
4. Saddle Crafting Stations –

  • Saddle Kit – Almost every saddle can be crafted here, the only exception being those listed below. This is also where implants can be activated.
  • Vanilla/RPE Smithies – Exactly 9 saddles for various expansion dinos can be crafted here. These won’t be found in the other two crafting stations.
  • Saddle Emporium – A handful of saddles with special buffs can be crafted here for a select few dinos, including: Parasaur, Trike, Raptor, Paracer, Equus, Megaloceros, Pteradon, and Spino. Basic versions of these can still be found in the Saddle Kit.

Dino Storage Tips

There comes a moment when every survivor must ask themselves – How many tames is too many? Do I want to breed my tames for a special mutation? Are the mutations I want worth the real estate it will take to hold all of them? Am I ready to take on the responsibility of raising many children? Am I okay with incest? Eugenics?

Well, we can’t answer all of those questions for you, but we can reduce the real estate footprint you need for mass taming and breeding with the Soul Terminal and its handy Soul Traps. Any pet pal tamed or hatched by your tribe can be absorbed into a Soul Trap, which will freeze it in its current state to be placed inside a Soul Terminal indefinitely, saving you food, time, space, and most importantly, the heartache of shooting newborns in the face.

And don’t forget your handy Egg Incubator™️! With it, you will be able to examine precisely what colors, stats, and mutations a fertilized egg will produce before it even hatches, allowing you to fine-tune the efficiency of your eugenics and grind unwanted specimens into sustenance for the genetically superior before they consume any of your resources.

1. Soul Traps

  • Very Cheap – Soul traps are unlocked at level 51 and only cost 1 crystal for 2.
  • No Maintenance – Soul traps containing dino souls can be placed within Soul Terminals, which do not require power and will keep the traps from losing charge indefinitely. Any dinos held within will also passively recharge their health, food, and mating timers without consuming any resources.
  • Transportation – Dino souls can be captured from anywhere in the world at any time for safe transport, however they will only emerge while within the safety of a well-established base or outpost (built with at least 200 building pieces).
  • *NOTE* – Trapping and storing too many dinos at once can cause severe server lag or a client crash in some rare cases. Please pace yourselves during this process.

2. The Egg Incubator

  • No More Euthanasia! – Another important piece of storage advice involves the Egg Incubator: a very handy piece of machinery unlocked at level 89. It allows you to view the gender, colors, and stats of the babies held within unhatched eggs, entirely removing the need to euthanize all those poor hapless hatchlings in the first place!

Boss Grinding

It appears that the overseers have seeded a number of vending machines throughout the isles and realms in various points of interest, into which you can insert your hard-earned tokens – bought with your hard-earned cash at the overseers’ store – for the coveted prize of being attacked by a wild, frothing beast. It is unknown to what end these machines have been placed, but each of them pop out a set of powerful, aggressive monsters eager to tear off your face. Should you put up adequate resistance however, vanquishing them will grant you rich rewards appropriate for their difficulty level. Come prepared.

Key Points:
1. Ocean, Valley, and Dungeon Terminals – There are three new spawn terminals that can be found throughout Fjodur’s first realm. Here you can spawn vanilla Alphas in exchange for the appropriately colored token.
2. Red, Green, Blue Tokens – Each terminal requires a different token, obtainable at the trade center by trading in the following gems: Diamonds, Rubies, Emeralds, Opals, Amber, Pearls.
3. Difficulty Tiers – Each terminal will spawn different alphas at varying tiers of difficulty, all of which have an *almost* guaranteed chance to drop implants and other forms of rare loot.
4. Despawn Timers – All summons will despawn after 2 hours to cut down on cheesing and spare the server from roaming monstrosities.
5. Beware The Reaper King – He can burrow underground and will only emerge at night, so it’s advised not to spawn him during the day.

Dino Collectibles

For those looking to take up the ultimate taming challenge, look no further. Occasionally you might notice a broadcast at the top of your screen announcing the sighting of an incredibly rare ‘Shiny’ creature. Any brave enough to track down these curious anomalies should be ready for a fight and come equipped with a Taxidermy Tool – as not only do they provide many resources upon death – they can also be skinned for their unique dermis to display as a trophy of your kill.

Killing them is not your only option, however – there are rumors of a strange, unorthodox piece of technology that can turn any of your previously tamed creatures Shiny as well! Dubbed the Shiny Essence Prod, this piece of equipment can be used to capture the very essence of Shiny creatures and transfer it on to an existing tame of the same species. But be warned – prodding these creatures in the butt will certainly upset them, and you must slay them within 60 seconds of doing so in order to pull off the extraction.

Key Points:
1. Shiny Sightings – Rare Shiny creatures will now occasionally spawn around the map. Slay them to obtain rare resources, various tiers of saddle implants, and a chance at collectible dino chibis!
2. Unique Displays – Use a Taxidermy Tool on the corpse of any slain Shiny to collect its dermis and display it as a trophy.
3. Tameable Babies – The Shiny variants of any babies or mutations that are listed as tameable in the Taming Journal can also be tamed.
4. Breeding – Shiny tames can be bred to pass down their unique colors or stat boosts, however special Shiny abilities will not be passed on to offspring.
5. Convert Normal Dinos To Shinies – The Shiny Essence Prod can be crafted at level 80 with Raw Shiny Essence, obtained by killing Enraged Shinies. Simply prod a rare Shiny and slay it within 60 seconds to obtain its Shiny Essence, which can then be fed to any tamed creatures of the same age and species to pass on their unique abilities. The table below lists the Shiny variants that can pass on their shiny essence.

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