ARK: Survival Evolved – How to Add Your Own Music to the Rhythmbox Mod

Add your own music to the Rhythmbox by creating your own expansion mod that communicates with the Rhythmbox mod.



Ark Editor[]
Can be installed for free from Epic Games[]
Basic JSON knowledge

How to

Getting Ready
  1. Download this example mod folder[]
  2. Unzip this folder
  3. Cut the unzipped folder (Ctrl + X)
  4. Navigate to the folder <PathToInstallLocation>\ARKEditor\Projects\ShooterGame\Content\Mods
  5. Paste the folder here (Ctrl + V)
  6. Launch Ark Editor
    – This can take 15 minutes or more on low end systems

    Import Music
  7. Open the mods folder in ARK Editor
  8. Open the RhythmboxCustomMusic folder
  9. Click the Music folder
  10. Import all music in the Music folder
    – Only allowed format is Wav. I use Audacity[] to convert mp3 files.
  11. Open the blueprint named “BP_RhythmboxCustom_CCA_RBC” from the folder RhythmboxCustomMusic
  12. Under the “Rhythmbox Json” field, you can find a “Songs” field
  13. Click the plus button to add an element
  14. Add your imported music in the element and do this for all imported music
    – You can select a sound file in the content browser and click the arrow button

    Creating The JSON
  15. Download this example JSON[]
  16. Open this file
    – Visual Studio Code[] helps with any issues
  17. Edit this file
    • This file adds 2 categories with each 3 songs
    • “SongName” : This is what players see in the radial menu
    • “SongFile” : This is the reference to the song file in ARK Editor
      – You can get the file reference by right-clicking on the file in the ARK Editor and clicking “Copy reference”
  18. Copy the whole JSON file (Ctrl + A -> Ctrl + C)
  19. Open the blueprint named “BP_RhythmboxCustom_CCA_RBC” from the folder RhythmboxCustomMusic
  20. Paste the JSON file in the “Rhythmbox Json” field (Ctrl + A -> Ctrl + V)

    Uploading To Steam
  21. Click the button that says “Steam Upload” (Top Left Corner)
  22. Click “Save All”
  23. Choose “RhythmboxCustomMusic” In the list
  24. Add a “Preview Image”
  25. Add a “Title”
  26. Add a “Description”
  27. Click “Reset Mod Guid”
    – Always click this button before cooking the mod
  28. Click “Cook Game Mod” at the top
    – This can take 15 minutes or more on low end systems
  29. Click “Upload” at the bottom

Remember that you still need the Rhythmbox mod, this just adds music to the original mod.

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