ARK Survival Evolved: How to Make a Bio Toxin Farm

Tranquilizers are a very useful thing to have. They are almost essential later on in the game. I find them especially helpful when accumulating my army of 18 pteranodons.

In this step-by-step guide, I will be telling you how to set up an efficient bio toxin farm.


Step 1

Equip scuba gear.

If your oxygen stat is crazy high, then flak armor or better will do as well.

Step 2

Find a group of at least 4 cnidaria.

If you come across a group of 3 or less, this tactic will not work.

I am unsure why this happens. All I know is that you need to make sure there are at least 4 of them.

Step 3

Kill all but 1.

Make sure you kill all of the cnidaria except for the last one.

At this point you should have killed at least 3.

Step 4

Attack the final cnidaria until it flees.

Make sure it is fleeing, as this will prevent it from attacking you when you lead it to the trap.

Step 5

Trap the cnidaria.

The best way that I have found to trap a cnidaria is by leading it to the shore then surrounding it with pillars (preferably metal).

If you trap it with pillars, make sure you leave enough space in between the pillars big enough that you can fit through, but small enough that the cnidaria you are trying to trap can not.

Step 6

Do all of it again.

You will need to do this twice. Once with a male and once with a female, as this will allow them to breed naturally in captivity.

Feeding is unnecessary to breed cnidaria. In fact, they can not be fed at all.

They will need to be in the same pin in order to breed.

Step 7

Realize that you wasted your time.

Cnidaria don’t breed.

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