ASTRONEER: How to Make a Winch Vibration Reactor Core

First off, this does not generate any power, and is only for decoration.
Second, it’s somehow good at sending things to the shadow realm.
And finally, I had nothing else to do.


-4x Tall Platform

Don’t get these confused with Tall Storage.

-4x Winch

-Plenty of space-1x Temporary platform

-1x Anything
You may use more Tall Platforms if you want to go extreme,
just bring the same amount of winches.


Step 1

Find some empty space.

Step 2

Place Tall Platforms, like this.

Step 3

Place Winches on top of Platforms, pointing inwards.

Step 4


Place an additional platform in the center. You will remove it later.

Step 5

Place your item of choice in the center. (or onto the platform if you put one)
Ideally use something that won’t be banished by the winches.

Step 6

Attach the winches to the item.
This jump-starts the reactor.

Step 7

Delete the platform in the center if you placed it.

Common problems

The item in question disappeared.

The reactor probably banished it to the shadow realm.
This happens often with some items, like Recreational Sphere.

Just try again.

If it keeps happening, use a different item.

Is my reactor unstable?

You can tell if your reactor is unstable
if the item is shaking much more than it should,
often trying to escape the reactor.

If this is happening, simply get in the center of the reactor.
You’ll pretty much be an immovable obstacle for the reactor, and it will return to stability.

Or you could leave it be, and see what it does.

My reactor shut itself off when I came back.

This often happens if you move away from it while it’s unstable.

Just start it up again.

What an assembled and working reactor should look like.

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