Atomic Society: Basic Controls

Here is the basic controls for Atomic Society.

Note: Atomic Society is now finished to leave Early Access.


Game Controls

Build menu ~ B
Colony Inventory ~ I
Town hall ~ T
Save ~ F5
Load ~ F9
———————————–Building Controls————————————————————
Rotate building Anti-clockwise ~ Q
Rotate building clockwise ~ E
———————————–Leader controls————————————————————–
Town Leader Control (Take over Leader) ~ SPACE
Back ~ S
Forward ~ W
Left ~ A
Right ~ D
Home ~ HOME
———————————-Camera Controls————————————————————-
Zoom In ~ R
Zoom Out ~ F
Back ~ S
Forward ~ W
Left ~ A
Right ~ D
————————————Time Controls—————————————————————
Time Speed up ~ +
Time Speed Down 
Pause ~ P

By HL_scientist

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