Blood of the Alchemists: Basic Gameplay

After setting off to explore the Calriddian Isles, you might have a few questions about certain parts of the game, this guide aims to clarify those questions.

HP, MP, & AD.

Health Points (or hit points) determine how many hits you can take before being knocked out in a fight.

Mana Points determine your total max mana, which allows you to use skills in combat.

AD stands for Adrenaline, and is required to use special abilities.

Skill Types: Instead of allies having magic abilities, a new mechanic is introduced, skills. The player and their allies now have skills that can be used in combat. All ally classes have built-in skills that will be automatically learned as said class levels up.

The player and other alchemists don’t have these built-in skills, instead they can use any weapon in the game. Weapons also can provide the users with unique skills, or skills from other classes. But be careful, not every weapon has the same skills so make sure you choose the right weapon for the right situation.


Keep an eye on the “Masteries” tab in the menu. Each time you level up, you’ll receive a few points to distribute into stats allowing you to increase you and your ally’s performance in combat.

General Movement:

It is recommended to play the game using the standard “WASD” keyboard configuration, try mapping these keys in the ‘keyboard config’ section of the options menu. It’s also recommended to
map the ‘Ok/Select/Action’ to the E or F button for ease of use. Alternatively, the game is also playable using a mouse for movement and combat, although it might make some navigation more difficult.

Finding Ingredients:

Use ‘Q’ to open your quick menu to see many different features in the game, primarily the crafting of potions and tonics.

Most potions are one-time-use battle items that can damage enemies or boost allies stats. Ingredients to craft these potions can be found all over the world, but appear more plentiful as loot from enemies, or can be bought from merchants.

These are just a couple tips to help newer players as they start their own journey throughout the Calriddian Isles.

By N-Fibbin

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