Blood of the Alchemists: How to Make Money

Let’s get this bread

There are many different ways to make money (Sen). Money is needed to buy better equipment, and it’s also needed to flex on your enemies. Who else can afford a 10000 Sen Protogun? Not them.

Currency in Blood of the Alchemists comes in two types: Sen, and UNN Coins. Sen is the Imperial standard that is used in Merros, Ephos, and parts of Murdahn. UNN coins are used in Tinderwind and parts of Murdahn as well. Exchange Sen for coins and vise versa at any bank throughout the world.


There are a few different mini games to do scattered around the islands that can provide you with quick easy money and EXP. Farmers will pay you for helping them harvest crops, fishing can provide you with varying levels of expensive fish that you can sell to merchants. Other people might be willing to pay you for helping them out. Keep an eye out for money making opportunities.

Fighting Enemies/Exploring:

Grinding is another way to increase your funds and EXP, while also finding valuable alchemy ingredients in the process. Find loot to increase your party’s stats and sell unneeded items to make a profit. “Sen makes the world go ’round baby.”

Helping Strangers:

Some strangers might need help as you travel the isles. Help them out to make some quick money as well as earn some bonus EXP.

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