Book of Travels: All Playable Characters

All Character Models – Their Appearances Can Be Seen Here


12 Characters

Currently in Chapter Zero there are 12 playable character forms:

  • the Weatherer (S) Physical Social

  • the Mosswalker (E) Spiritual Social

  • the Enfolder (S) Mechanical Physical

  • the Reachant (N) Mechanical Social

  • the Larker (W) Physical Spiritual

  • the Ribboned (N) Spiritual Physical

  • the Gleaner (S) Social Spiritual

  • the Goodward (E) Mechanical Physical

  • the Dimmed (E) Spiritual Mech

  • the Veiled (W) Mechanical Social

  • the Mirther (W) Social Spiritual

  • the Crested (N) Social Spiritual


Each Wind comes with 3 perks to choose from
NNorthern Wind
SSouthern Wind
WWestern Wind
EEastern Wind


  • Mind of the Tactician – (Passive) – [Adds +2 Ward if in a Group]
  • Read Strengths – (Ability) – [Shows Ward and Force of others]
  • Tricks of the Messenger – (Passive) – [135% Walk speed on Roads]


  • Deep Rest – (Ability) – [Restores Energy every second]
  • Read Hearts – (Ability) – [Finds out Personality and Traits of others]
  • Mystic Arm – (Ability) – [Draws a vertical line on the ground for others to see]


  • Assemble Fireplace – (Ability) – [Makes a Fireplace]
  • Guiding Spark: Shelter – (Ability) – [A spark guides the way to the nearest Shelter]
  • Affinity for Water – (Passive) – [+75 Energy when submerged in Water]


  • Glinted lamp – (Ability) – [Conjures up a magic lamp illuminating a small area]
  • Conceal Identity – (Passive) – [Makes you an “unknown traveller” to others]
  • Align – (Ability) – [Reveals spirits of the dead within 50m]

Fun Facts

  • the Crested is the Tallest of all Characters
  • the Reachant is the Smallest of all Characters

By Shrek

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