Book of Travels: Character Creation Guide

Here is a guide on how to create a character in Book of Travels.

Note: Book of Travels is Planned Release Date: 12 October


Book of Travels Character Creation Guide

After logging into your preferred server and room, you will see a button ‘create’ at the bottom of the screen. Clicking on it will bring you to the character selection screen.


You have three options, The Mosswalker, The Dimmed, and The Weatherer

The Weatherer and The Dimmed play alike, save The Dimmed cannot have children.
The Mosswalker can have children, and has a different skill set. (v0.0.4p4)


Here you may choose to have a child or not.
The option is the check at the bottom of the screen.
The trait list depends on the form you chose.
The remaining options have no effect on gameplay. (v0.0.4p4)


You may select 3 skills. The Mosswalker has only two currently available, but you still must select them on this screen to have access in game. (v0.0.4p4)
The Dimmed and The Weatherer have 4.
It is recommended you take the assemble fireplace skill if you are playing as one of them, it will dry you when you are wet, and fire is required to brew tea.
Skills can be clicked to pull up a brief description.


Here you may choose your eye color, voice, and add some flavor text. No gameplay effect.(v0.0.4p4)



All starting equipment is random, but you can re-roll as many times as you like by clicking the button with the die. All equipment, except for Factory-made/small Alken Lanterns and Heavy Tombac Lantern, has no cosmetic or gameplay effect. (v0.0.3p2)
You can save a set of equipment you like by using “Store”, and can come back later after rolling again with “Recall”.


Your name is randomly generated (v0.0.3p2). Click the ‘first name’ or ‘last name’ button to re-roll your first or last name respectively. You can add a nickname as flavor text.

The Store and Recall system works in the same way as it did for equipment.

You can now create your new character !

By Yuritau, Lindno, Daybreak, Loyzallie and LazyWeekend

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