Book of Travels: Combat Guide

Here is a guide on how to combat in Book of Travels.


Book of Travels Combat Guide

In order to fight, you need a weapon.
Without a weapon you cannot initiate combat.
To enter a combat stance, press the ‘unsheathe weapon’ button in the bottom right.

You will see a white circle appear around you, a black aura above your head, and your cursor will change into a sword. Any NPCs nearby will also have an aura.
(on OSX and Linux, the aura might appear as a black rectangle v0.0.4p4)

-(Combat ready image)

You may only fight certain NPCs. NPCs must both be inside your combat circle, and change your cursor to a sword with slashing effects when you hover over them. (better phrasing?)

-(slashy sword image)

Press the same button as you did to enter combat to sheathe your weapon. (image?) There is no penalty for entering and exiting a combat ready state near NPCs. Enemies will only enter combat if you or another player initiates it.

List of enemies
  • Certain Bandits (image optional)
  • Certain Wardens (image optional)
  • Certain Mystics (image optional)

NPCs you can fight spawn very rarely


To start combat, click your chosen adversary. Sometimes (rarely), NPCs of the same type will all attack you if they are within your combat radius.

During a fight, your character will auto-block all the attacks from 2 enemies. Fighting more than 2, you may get hit and run the risk of losing a life petal.

To attack, click your opponent. An attack animation will play. Enemies will need several hits to be killed.

You may flee from combat by running out of the orange circle.

Equipment has no effect on combat. (v0.0.4p4)

Post Combat

After successfully defeating your opponent, your character will hyperventilate and you will become tired. Rest to remove this effect.

You can loot an enemy corpse by clicking on their pouch. This is one way of acquiring knots and teas, though it is not always reliable.


You can flee combat if you exit the red circle. An icon will appear, and by clicking on it, a map change loading screen will trigger and your character will go to one of the neighbouring maps.

By Yuritau, Lindno, Daybreak, Loyzallie and LazyWeekend

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