Black Skylands: Beginner’s Guide

Basic information about the game world == INTRODUCTION The title will allow us to play the game in the open world, leading the storyline and expanding the spheres of influence. The plot says that the Earth as we know it many years ago has turned into thousands of islets floating in the air. One of the … Read more

Stubbs the Zombie in Rebel Without a Pulse: How to Fix Game Crashing

Try one of these setting changes if your game keeps crashing.   Disable Steam Overlay TL;DR: Disabling Steam Overlay got me through most of the game. First, go to your Library and right click the game. Select “Properties”. By default the first box “Enable Steam Overlay” will be checked. Uncheck the box and close the window. … Read more

Teodoro: All Puzzles Solution (Level 1-80)

Here is the solution for all levels (1-80), enjoy the game.   Achievements     4 achievements unlock from level completion: after 20, 40, 50, and 80 levels.   The remaining 2 achievements unlock for resetting a level once and 10 times. Levels 1-20 Level 1 ↑←↑→→ →→ Level 2 →↓→↓← Level 3 ↓→↑←↑ →→←↓→ →↓→↑ … Read more