Core Keeper: Damage Calculation Guide

Basic / Intermediate damage calculation guide



This guide will cover damage calculation and how buffs stack with each other, along with a simple excel which you can “Make a copy” to check your DPS. Google Sheet link[].

NoteThis guide is based on the version[].

Monster Damage & Armor Reduction

For some reason, some Wiki and other guides have mentioned that only 75% of your armor will be used in damage calculation, but that is either wrong or no longer accurate in the latest version.

In the description of the armor, it clearly says that “Enemies always deal a minimum 25% of their damage“. And all of your armor, 105 armor in this screenshot, will be utilized to block damage at flat value. If monster damage is 200, they will deal 200 – 105 = 95 damage to you.

Calculation formula

Max(enemy_damage*25%, enemy_damage - player_armor)

If [enemy_damage = 200, player_armor = 105]
enemy_damage*25% = 50
Max(50, 95) = 95 damage

If [enemy_damage = 20, player_armor = 105]
enemy_damage*25% = 5
Max(5, 0) = 5 damage
I have tested this as well.

Damage & Melee/Range/Boss Damage

There are 3 main damage% used to calculate your displayed damage:
1. Melee damage%
2. Range damage%
3. Damage%

Other factors include skill talents which increase your damage based on Mining/Fishing stats.

Your display damage is calculated based on your min/max damage of item you’re holding, multiplied by either melee/range total damage%, and multiplied again by total damage% (refer to below formula). You can find most of the buffs (regarding damage%) under your food bar (which includes temporary buffs from food, potion and skill talents), and the remaining from your equipment and pet (Owlux only). Your Melee combat and Range combat skills will grant additional melee/range damage% for each level (0.5% per level).

NoteThere seems to be a limit of 2 rows for the buff display.

Your highest possible damage dealt to a monster is as follows:
Getting a critical hit on a boss monster, when Owlux triples your damage

weapon_damage * (1 + melee/range_damage%) * (1 + damage%) * (1 + boss_damage%) * (1 + critical_hit_damage%) * 3

You total up your damages using addition for those that belong to the same category
If you would like to know your average DPS (damage per second), you can use this google sheet[]. You just have to make a copy and edit the colored cells, then set the appropriate talents and skills in the next sheet.

From my testing, enrage potion and keen potion seems to stack with food buffs, all other potions[], including unusual potion, does not.

I had the chance to deal 55k damage when killing Igneous the Molten Mass.

Using the Google Sheet

To use the google sheet[] to calculate your average DPS, you MUST first make a copy (File > Make a copy).
Once you have your own copy, you would select the Weapon type (melee / range) in the first column, and put in the properties, such as min-max damage, attack speed, any kind of damage% increase, etc.
Continue to fill in the values of your equipment accordingly for each column.

Then at the bottom, you will see checkboxes for Food/Potion buffs (toggle those and they will include buffs you receive when eating a particular food /potion you cooked). Well Fed and Max Health are conditions of your character, which affects your damage.

Melee/range/running full stacks are referring to the second sheet “Talents”, where certain skills can increase your melee/range damage by hitting same enemy, running consistently, etc. You should look into the second sheet for more info.

Once you fill in everything required in the first sheet (Set 1), fill in your current skill level, and talent trees in the second sheet (Talents). Over there, you will also find talents that are included in the calculations when you toggle the “stacks” checkbox.

There are still some in *TODO, as it’s hard to include them (and I personally think is rarely used) in the average DPS calculation.

Finally, at the right most column in the first sheet, shows your status that is displayed similarly to what you find in your character status. While you can find your DPS and maximum possible damage to monsters/bosses at the bottom half.

Corrections & Tweaks

If you have a different / better way of making this, please let me know, it’s my first guide after all. Any mistakes or issues you noticed, please point it out.

There’s limited testing with what I can do alone, so there’s some assumption as well, such as monsters have 0 armor (based on what I have seen). I still couldn’t calculate the exact min-max damage you see in your status, not sure why but there’s always a 1~5 difference.

I originally wanted to create a Google Sheet where you can freely choose your weapon/armor with a dropdown and set their Upgrade level / enhanced, but I couldn’t get the formula right, perhaps they’re hardcoded for each upgrade (please let me know if you can figure this out).

This guide does not cover burning damage (which should be pure addition to your DPS).

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