Cruelty Squad: How to Unlock the Power of the Financial Gods

Understanding how to find, unlock, and best utilize the primordial power of the ZKZ Transactional Rifle.


What is the ZKZ?
The ZKZ Transactional Rifle is a “primordial weapon attuned to the beating heart of the financial system.”

It resembles the real-world SKS, and has potential to be one of the strongest weapons in Cruelty Squad. This weapon is interesting because it scales with the dollar value of your current holdings, including stocks, body parts, and fish. The scaling ends at $1,000,000 in asset value.

This weapon has the potential to instantly kill any unarmored enemy in one shot, even permanently killing the scary reviving zombie enemies. However, since it cannot damage armored enemies, attracts enemies due to noise, and rarely has ammo replenishment in levels, it can’t definitively be called the best weapon at least in an objective sense.

Finding and Unlocking Financial Power
Since this weapon is only effective with a million dollars invested in the market, this weapon is only to be used by those with a CEO mindset. Having one million to invest is an essential part of this guide.

The ZKZ is unlocked in Cruelty Squad HQ by accessing Death. It will not be revealed how to die in this guide.

It is important to bring:
– The rocket launcher
– A silenced weapon

Immediately after opening the death door, turn right and you will see a vent with a small lip. Use your double jump, or various augments to climb up here and then continue through the obstacle course to the door.

Proceed forward to the room with a gray banner on the wall. You can pass through it into a green room, which you will need to jump boost up or use an augment again to climb up. Continue down the hallway to the next door.

Drop out of the doorframe and take an immediate right, climbing the spiral staircase. Next, open the door at the top and immediately walk forward to the other end of the room and through a hidden door. Try to close it behind you as a large fleshrat will fall from the ceiling.

Next, traverse upwards and kill the discombobulator guarding the doorframe. You will next need to position yourself in the doorframe, without falling into the next room. You should see an armored man bouncing around the room.

Shoot him with the rocket launcher until he is dead, and listen very carefully for a noise of clattering metal. Once you hear it bounce against the floor, immediately exit the room by walking backwards. If you performed everything correctly, you have killed the armored enemy and triggered the flechette bomb. If you see nails all over the walls, you are safe to continue.

Continue on as normal and you will find one more enemy, and then the ZKZ very close by. Then double back to where you started. Remember not to be spooked by the large fleshrat if you left it alive.

Maximizing 7.6239mm Financial
Now, before confronting the boss, this is the most effective and safe way to maximize the power of the ZKZ.

Open the stock market, and navigate to the fish tab. Buy one share of WOF.

This fish is the lucky catch from Fatberg’s Casino, and remains a static $1,000,000 with zero fluctuation. Now you can have the power of the ZKZ without the risk of a volatile market.

Escaping with the Gun
After you’ve purchased the fish, head back down to where you started and fight the final boss. With your newfound power, you can kill it in one shot! Congratulations on winning business – you now have unlocked my favorite and definitively most stylish gun in the game.


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