CS GO: All Give Weapon Commands List

All the possible items which is givable are listed in here as well.



Drop own knife:
mp_drop_knife_enable 1

give weapon_bayonet – Bayonet

give weapon_m9_bayonet – М9 Bayonet

give weapon_butterfly – Butterfly Knife

give weapon_falchion – Falchion Knife

give weapon_flip – Flip Knife

give weapon_gut – Gut Knife

give weapon_tactical – Huntsman Knife

give weapon_karambit – Karambit

give weapon_survival_bowie – Bowie Knife

give weapon_knife_push – Shadow Dagger

give weapon_knife_t – Default terrorists knife

give weapon_knife_ct – Default counter-terrorists knife

give weapon_knifegg – Gold Knife

give weapon_knife_ursus – Ursus Knife

give weapon_knife_gypsy_jackknife – Navaja Knife

give weapon_knife_stiletto – Stiletto Knife

give weapon_knife_widowmaker – Talon Knife

give weapon_knife_canis – Survival Knife

give weapon_knife_cord – Paracord Knife

give weapon_knife_skeleton – Skeleton Knife

give weapon_knife_outdoor – Nomad Knife


give weapon_deagle – Desert Eagle

give weapon_revolver – R8 Revolver

give weapon_glock – Glock-18

give weapon_usp_silencer – USP-S

give weapon_cz75a – CZ75-Auto

give weapon_fiveseven – Five-SeveN

give weapon_p250 – P250

give weapon_tec9 – Tec-9

give weapon_elite – Dual Berettas

give weapon_hkp2000 – P2000


give weapon_nova – Nova

give weapon_xm1014 – XM1014

give weapon_mag7 – MAG-7

give weapon_sawedoff – Sawed-Off


give weapon_mp9 – MP9

give weapon_mac10 – MAC-10

give weapon_bizon – PP-Bizon

give weapon_mp7 – MP7

give weapon_ump45 – UMP-45

give weapon_p90 – P90

give weapon_mp5sd – MP5-SD

Machine Guns

give weapon_m249 – M249

give weapon_negev – Negev


give weapon_famas – FAMAS

give weapon_galilar – Galil AR

give weapon_m4a4 – M4A4

give weapon_m4a1_silencer – M4A1-S

give weapon_ak47 – AK-47

give weapon_aug – AUG

give weapon_sg553 – SG-553

Sniper Rifles

give weapon_ssg08 – SSG 08

give weapon_awp – AWP

give weapon_scar20 – SCAR-20

give weapon_g3sg1 – G3SG1


give weapon_decoy – Decoy

give weapon_flashbang – Flashbang Grenade

give weapon_smokegrenade – Smoke Grenade

give weapon_hegrenade – HE Grenade

give weapon_molotov – Molotov

give weapon_incgrenade – Incgrenade (CT molotov)


give item_assaultsuit – Kevlar+Helmet

give weapon_c4 – C4 bomb

give item_defuser – Defuse Kit

give weapon_taser – Zeus

give item_kevlar – Kevlar

Mission Gear

give item_nvgs – Nightvision

give item_heavyassaultsuit – Heavy Assault Suit

give item_cutters – Rescue Kit

give weapon_healthshot – Healshot

give weapon_tagrenade – Tactical Awareness Grenade

give weapon_breachcharge – Breachcharge

Danger Zone

give weapon_diversion – Diversion Device

give weapon_firebomb – Firebomb

give weapon_frag – Frag Grenade

give weapon_snowball – Snowball

give weapon_tablet – Tablet

give weapon_bumpmine – Bump Mine

give weapon_shield – Ballistic shield

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