CSGO: All Service Medals List 2023 (How to Obtain)

Every color variation of the CS:GO 2023 Service Medals!   🤍WHITE SERVICE MEDAL (Tier 1) 💚GREEN SERVICE MEDAL (Tier 2) 💙BLUE SERVICE MEDAL (Tier 3) 💜PURPLE SERVICE MEDAL (Tier 4) 💗PINK SERVICE MEDAL (Tier 5) ❤️RED SERVICE MEDAL (Tier 6) ⭐ HOW TO EARN SERVICE MEDAL ? ⭐ Level up your CSGO account to level … Read more

CS:GO – Best Co-op Maps 2022

Valve continues to develop and refine the multiplayer competitive shooter Counter-Strike: Global Offensive every day. Each time, more and more new content appears in the game, which includes various operations, as well as cooperative missions designed for pair passing. There are many examples. Take the Shattered Web co-op map, in which players were asked to find their … Read more

CS GO: All Give Weapon Commands List

All the possible items which is givable are listed in here as well.   Knives Drop own knife: mp_drop_knife_enable 1 give weapon_bayonet – Bayonet give weapon_m9_bayonet – М9 Bayonet give weapon_butterfly – Butterfly Knife give weapon_falchion – Falchion Knife give weapon_flip – Flip Knife give weapon_gut – Gut Knife give weapon_tactical – Huntsman Knife give … Read more