CS:GO – All Flame Skins

This guide will include all skins in CS:GO that has flames on them, kind of like the blaze skins but also skins that have subtle flames/fire on them aswell I will group together skins that have flames on them into 4 categories: The first category are Blaze skins, these skins … Read More

CSGO: All Service Medals (2015-2023)

Guide To All Service Medals (2015-2023)   2015 Service Medals 2016 Service Medals 2017 Service Medals 2018 Service Medals 2019 Service Medals 2020 Service Medals 2021 Service Medals 2022 Service Medals 2023 Service Medals By Ragnardaan

CSGO: All Mirage Instant Window Smokes

This guide contains all insta smokes in a window on a mirage at 128tick.   #1 SPAWN Instant window smoke from Spawn 1 (palace spawn, closest to back wall) Line up during the freezetime and hold down shift + left mouse button. When the round starts, tap W and jumpthrow. … Read More

CSGO: All Service Medals List 2023 (How to Obtain)

Every color variation of the CS:GO 2023 Service Medals!   🤍WHITE SERVICE MEDAL (Tier 1) 💚GREEN SERVICE MEDAL (Tier 2) 💙BLUE SERVICE MEDAL (Tier 3) 💜PURPLE SERVICE MEDAL (Tier 4) 💗PINK SERVICE MEDAL (Tier 5) ❤️RED SERVICE MEDAL (Tier 6) ⭐ HOW TO EARN SERVICE MEDAL ? ⭐ Level up … Read More

CS:GO Weekly Drop System Guide

CS:GO weekly drop system   HOW DOES THE DROPS SYSTEM WORK? The drop system that is currently used in CS:GO works weekly, in that period we can receive a maximum of 3 objects, one will be after leveling up and it will restart every Tuesday at the following time, this … Read More

CS:GO – Best Co-op Maps 2022

Valve continues to develop and refine the multiplayer competitive shooter Counter-Strike: Global Offensive every day. Each time, more and more new content appears in the game, which includes various operations, as well as cooperative missions designed for pair passing. There are many examples. Take the Shattered Web co-op map, in which players … Read More

CS GO: All Give Weapon Commands List

All the possible items which is givable are listed in here as well.   Knives Drop own knife: mp_drop_knife_enable 1 give weapon_bayonet – Bayonet give weapon_m9_bayonet – М9 Bayonet give weapon_butterfly – Butterfly Knife give weapon_falchion – Falchion Knife give weapon_flip – Flip Knife give weapon_gut – Gut Knife give … Read More

CS GO: Full Fade Pattern Guide (R8 Revolver)

A list of Full Fade Patterns of R8 Revolver! SSS Tier (100.00%) Pattern Fade 763 100.00% SS Tier (99.99%) Pattern Fade 575 99.99% 897 99.99% S Tier (99.98% to 99.90%) Pattern Fade 636 99.98% 341 99.93% 93 99.92% 403 99.91% 910 99.91% A Tier (99.89% to 99.80%) Pattern Fade 468 … Read More

CS GO: How to Customize Skins with “The Last Dive”

Just a few pattern indexes I found while looking at the Last Dive. There’s probably a lot more of them.   Introduction The Last Dive is a pattern based skin, meaning there are many different potential designs that it can use (1-1000). Some of these look (subjectively) better than others, … Read More

CS GO: All Console Commands 2022

This is a tutorial in which I will show you all (well, maybe not all but a lot) of the console commands   Cheats and more commands sv_cheats 1 – Turn on consul cheat sv_cheats 0 – Turn off consul cheat r_drawothermodels 2 – wall hack on r_drawothermodels 1 – wall hack off sv_infinite_ammo … Read More

CS GO: All Call-Outs for Various Maps

A collection of all CS:GO callouts from popular and Active Duty maps. “Call-Outs” are used to communicate with your team where you are, where the enemy is, and everything inbetween. Please keep in mind that these call-outs will vary by region, team, and version of CS. It’s OK to have … Read More