CS GO: How to Customize Skins with “The Last Dive”

Just a few pattern indexes I found while looking at the Last Dive. There’s probably a lot more of them.


The Last Dive is a pattern based skin, meaning there are many different potential designs that it can use (1-1000). Some of these look (subjectively) better than others, so I wanted to include a couple of those here. This is the pattern the skin follows:

386 – Centred Skull
Here the skull is in the centre of the gun, in full focus. Looks better than most in my opinion.

407 – Skull & Diver
Similar to the previous pattern but the skull is upright, thus showing the divers helmet on the back.

509 – Skull, Diver & Shell
Clearly shows three of the five major elements of the skin (only the sea horse and sea monster are missing – which I couldn’t find any particularly good patterns for).

748 – Tree
The clearest pattern of the tree type object that I could find, not particularly interesting though.

Those are just a few that I thought stood out somewhat, so thought I’d share them. I have no idea if they’re really worth any overpay, and they’re obviously less noticeable and flashy than patterns like Case Hardened Blue Gems. Still, I though it was a pretty cool skin with the right patterns, that I was looking at because the colour scheme somewhat matches the Aquamarine Revenge. Thank you for reading.

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