CS:GO Weekly Drop System Guide

CS:GO weekly drop system



The drop system that is currently used in CS:GO works weekly, in that period we can receive a maximum of 3 objects, one will be after leveling up and it will restart every Tuesday at the following time, this object can be a skin or graffiti
The other two drops will always be boxes, these will be given randomly after finishing an online game, regardless of the game mode or the final score.

Note: For the box drop it is important to note that we will not be able to receive them during the same day, approximately these are delivered in an interval of 24-48 hours to receive the second box drop, that is, if we receive a box drop on Wednesday the second would be more or less from Friday. (this depends on the day you receive the drop)


After leveling up we can get a graffiti or a skin, in the case of graffiti we have the following:
CSGO drops any of these and they can come out in 19 different colors

In relation to the skins we can get one or another interesting one since these are dropped depending on the collections, in total we find 8 collections and they are the following:


This is the equivalent of the collections when it comes to the drop of boxes, this system was classified into two sections the “Prime” Pool drop that will be awarded to players who have that status and the non-“Prime” Pool drop that was currently removed.

All CS:GO skins from The 2018 Inferno Collection

All CS:GO skins from The 2018 Nuke Collection

All CS:GO skins from The Bank Collection

All CS:GO skins from The Dust 2 Collection

All CS:GO skins from The Italy Collection

All CS:GO skins from The Lake Collection

All CS:GO skins from The Safehouse Collection

All CS:GO skins from The Train Collection


Prime weapon case drops are available to players who have Prime Status on their CS:GO account. These are typically weapon cases which were introduced recently and currently consist of the Dreams & Nightmares, Snakebite, Fracture, Prisma 2 and Clutch Case.

Prime Status can be obtained by purchasing the “Prime Status Upgrade” from the Steam store. It was previously obtainable by reaching Profile Level 21 in CS:GO prior to the ‘Adjustments to Non-Prime’ CS:GO update on 3rd June 2021.

The Recoil Case is the most recent CS:GO case to be added to the Prime Drop pool.

Non-Prime Drops

Non-Prime weapon case drops were only available to players who did not have Prime Status on their CS:GO account. However, the non-prime drop pool was discontinued with the CS:GO update ‘Adjustments to Non-Prime’ on 3rd June 2021.

Non-Prime players no longer receive weapon cases, skins or graffiti drops. Prime status can no longer be obtained for free by levelling up to Profile Level 21.

The CS20, Horizon, Spectrum 2, Gamma 2, Chroma 3 and Revolver cases have since been moved to the ‘Rare’ drop pool.

Rare Cases

Rare weapon cases (often incorrectly referred to as ‘discontinued’) are available to prime players. These cases were typically either released several years ago or were previously exclusive to operation pass holders

As the name would suggest, these cases drop in very rare instances with some players reportedly only receiving a ‘rare’ case drop once a year. Player collected data suggests that the percentage probability of receiving a rare case drop is 1%

The weapon cases listed below are marked as rare for all players

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