CSGO: All Operation Coins (2013-2021)

These are all operations coins. Operation coins are a type of coin received by purchasing an operation pass. The coin can be upgraded through a variety of different challenges completed during the operation. After the operation has concluded, operation coins will remain in the player’s inventory, but can no longer be upgraded. Similarly, once an operation has finished, a user can still redeem an operation pass to receive an operation coin, but it will be locked on the coin’s lowest level. Steam Market links in the operation pass names.


Operation Payback Coins (2013)
Operation Bravo Coins (2013)
Operation Phoenix Coins (2014)
Operation Breakout Coins (2014)
Operation Vanguard Coins (2014)
Operation Bloodhound Coins
Operation Wildfire Coins (2016)
Operation Hydra Coins (2017)
Operation Shattered Web Coins (2019)
Operation Broken Fang Coins (2020)
Operation Riptide Coins (2021)

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