CSGO: How to get Red Service Medal

Everything you need to know on how to get the Red Service Medal. I’ll explain the numbers and the methods of getting your weekly xp goals efficiently, legitimately, and as painless as possible.
How to get the Red Service Medal
Start off the year at level 40 and with 39 bonus ranks from previous operations(no less, but more can be used to make it easier), the final Tuesday of the year prior make sure not to get any xp for that week because January 1st is not the actual day you are able to get the new service medal; it is actually 1-2 days prior to that allowing for 11,167 xp being accomplished into the new year(starting you at 1st level of service medal and rank 3 + 1,167). From there it is as difficult as simply doing three levels per week for the next 56 weeks of pain.

Best methods to obtain weekly xp goals
Most to least efficient method to gaining xp

Method 1 Retakes – Fresh xp 1000 per game max(need 63 points) / Bonus xp 500 per game max(need 63 points) / Regular xp 250 per game max(meed 63 points) / Reduced xp 7 xp per 10 points(the max xp to points ratio is unknown). Retakes xp only cares purley abt your points which leads us to a few points.

1. Get T side at ALL costs and the reasons for are…

  • Point pressing(1) is easier on this side
  • There is an area around the bomb that gives you 3 points per kill instead of 2 per kill(that area is diffrent on each map)

2. The optimal map pool

  • Dust 2
  • Nuke
  • Ancient
  • Vertigo

3. If not possible to get T (here is a few ways to get point pressing(1) actions easier as a ct)
Ninja Defuse(3 points instead of 2 points for regular defusal)
Stay alive during the round so if a teammate defuses you get 1 point.

Method 2 MM – Use mm to get to reduced and then retakes is more efficient when reduced.

1. Win as fast as possible to get the most xp per time (games not very consistent unless with a party that will frag out).

(1)Point pressing – Squeezing as much points per round as possible

  • Starting at level 40, get the new service medal for the year
  • Use the 39 boosts
  • Week 1 of the year, get new service medal which starts you at 2nd level of service medal and rank 3 + 1,167
  • Get to reduced 52 more times
  • Red Service Medal

If you starting at level 40 plus starting you at 1st level of service medal and rank 3 + 1,167 + saved all boosts from 4 operations (78 boosts) plus playing to reduced each week.

Using Retakes as a terrorist who stays on site is the most efficient way to get to your xp goal; MM is an alternative to get to reduced then to play retakes. It is recommended to mix the two in a healthy and most bearable way for you to do 52 times for the rest of the year will net you a relatively painless Red Service Medal.

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