Cyberpunk 2077: All Cyberpunk Edgerunners Characters

In this guide, I present all the characters from the Cyberpunk Edgerunners series.


David Martinez


David Martinez is a Hispanic teenager with light brown eyes and brown hair that he wears in a quaffed hairstyle, with the sides shaved. He has a thin athletic build typical of a teenager his age. David’s typical style is Kitsch, sporting a black t-shirt, two golden chain necklaces (one with a cross), gray cropped sweatpants with two yellow straps on either side, and white tennis shoes with blue straps. Later on, he starts to wear his mother’s yellow EMT jacket with a blue luminescent collar on the inside of the material, with a green logo painted on the back.

David gradually adds more implants to his body, becoming taller and more muscular. While keeping his overall outfit intact, he no longer wears a black shirt, preferring to remain bare-chested when not covered by the EMT jacket.


Early Life
David Martinez was born to Gloria Martinez and an unknown father. He grew up on the streets of Santo Domingo, while living out of an apartment of Megabuilding H4 in Arroyo. Due to his mother putting great effort into her job as an EMT for Night City Medical Center, David was eligible for enrollment into the Arasaka Academy located in Corpo Plaza. After joining the academy, he began selling XBDs that he obtained from Doc to classmates.

A Day in the Life

One night, early on in 2076, Martinez watched a brand new illegal braindance that his ripperdoc obtained from Jimmy Kurosaki. The braindance contained the death of the former New United States Armed Forces Lt. Col. James Norris, who went cyberpsycho a couple hours prior.

The following day, after finding his mother sleeping on the couch, the two talked money problems regarding his school expenses and watched the news of James Norris’ death, which included her mom carrying the body. Martinez caught a glimpse of a young woman on his way to school, who disappeared when he attempted to approach her. During that day’s class, his outdated braindance wreath spiked his classmates wreaths, because he had Doc install a faulty software update to save money. This caused an outrage among the students, Katsuo Tanaka in particular, the son of the school principal. After the incident, David and his mother met with the principal, whom suggested that David could benefit from a change of environment as he did not fit in with his wealthier classmates. Gloria agreed to pay any monetary damages made.

While driving home, the two of them became bystanders in an Animals assault on an Arasaka corporate vehicle, where they crashed into the corporate vehicle after it was blown up by a rocket. Martinez saw his mother lying motionless on the road after regaining consciousness. Trauma Team arrived shortly after, but ignored them for not being insured, and only took the corporate client with them. David managed to bring his mother to a back-alley clinic, where she got stabilized. Martinez arrived back at the apartment with his mother’s belongings, and discovered that she had procured a military grade Sandevistan neuralware implant from the cyberpsycho. David informed Doc about the implant and was told that it was worth around 10,000 eurodollars on the black market.

The next morning, on his way to Corpo Plaza, Martinez saw that Tanaka and his friends were waiting for him while he was looking for the mysterious woman. They took him to a back-alley, where Tanaka beat him using a martial arts chip. Shortly after the fight, David received a call from the clinic that his mother had passed away, and had to arrange a funeral for her. David, not being able to afford the other options, chose to cremate her remains at an automated service that would dispense the ashes in a metal canister. Once home, struggling with the loss of his mother, David decided to have the Sandevistan implanted into his body by Doc.

Becoming an Edgerunner

After being chipped in, David—while still expelled—returned the following day to the academy, in search of a rematch with Katsuo. Utilizing his Sandevistan implant, David easily floored Katsuo with a single blow to the head and broke his nose. Once returned home, David stared at the urn holding his mother’s ashes, when he received a call from the academy’s principal. The principal told David that his expulsion had been formally processed, but before the principal could end his sentence, David ended the conversation.

The next morning, making his way to the academy, he noticed that the mysterious girl was aboard the NCART train, stealing shards from unsuspecting Corporate employees on their way to City Center. The woman attempted to also take David’s shards, but was quickly intercepted by David utilizing his implant. He grasped her arm, which she shrugged off and instead took him with her to the end of the cart, and interrogated David why he was messing with her “job”. After a short discussion, the two came to an agreement to work together, Lucy taking on David as her trainee, and split their earnings seventy-to-thirty.

Gloria Martinez


Gloria and her son David lived in an apartment of Megabuilding H4 in Santo Domingo, Night City. She was an emergency medical technician (EMT) who scraped by to provide for her son, both by working long hours into the night and by selling high-priced and rare Cyberware she took off corpses to sell to edgerunners. One such instance would be the military-grade Sandevistan she took off James Norris’s body after he was subdued by MaxTac, she would plastic wrap it and hide it on the inside of her coat waiting for her buyer Maine.

Before she could hand the Sandevistan over, she had to pick her son David up from Arasaka Academy in Corpo Plaza after he used a jail-broken, retro wreath to try and interface with the Academy’s significantly newer system, with Gloria attempting to assuage the issue David caused and promising to pay for the damages to the Principal. Gloria and David would talk about the incident on the drive back home, with Gloria explaining that she works hard so David can have a better life and make his way to the top of Arasaka. However, a gang of Animals with a gig to kill the person driving next to them would put Gloria and David in the crossfire. They would end up crashing into the car targeted by the Animals, with their car being flipped and Gloria being ejected into the street. Trauma Team would respond to the accident, but only help their platinum client who was attacked by the Animals. Gloria and David would receive basic, discounted treatment from a low-end surgeon, which got her to stable condition. The very next day, her condition would worsen until she would die with the surgeon surmising with her chronically overworked body, this was going to happen eventually.

David, with few options to bury his mother, would have to budget-cremate her body; her ashes placed in a cheap, plastic urn. David would keep the urn with him for the rest of his life. He would also keep his mother’s belongs, particularly her EMT jacket which he would find the Sandevistan she was going to sell to Maine.

Lucyna Kushinada


Lucy is a mysterious netrunner from Night City. She is quite introverted and doesn’t like to talk much about her past. Although she looks innocent, she won’t hesitate to kill a person in a heartbeat if they tick her off. Lucy also considers Night City a prison and dreams of one day leaving it for the moon.


Lucy is a young woman with naturally white hair and purple and red gradient pupils. She wears light red eye and lip makeup. Her hair is cut in a split bob – with her left side left longer – and dyed with a colorful pastel rainbow gradient. Her eyes appear to reflect with the colors of her hair. Lucy wears a cropped white jacket with a black, sleeve- and thighless netrunner jumpsuit with red accents over a pair of white shorts and high gray stockings, and black knee-high boots.


Early Life
Lucy is of Japanese and Polish descent, and was selected at a young age after having taken a proficiency test–alongside 12 other children–to receive training at an undisclosed Arasaka facility and become a netrunner. Being led on by the dream of “serving the world’s most powerful megacorp” one day, got her and the others through the toughest days and training.

When their training concluded, they were moved underground to participate in deep dives into the pre-DataKrash Net, as Arasaka sent them looking for knowledge that was lost. As they dove into the Net, they were susceptible to old world daemons and rogue AIs. The children were picked off one by one, and it didn’t take long until only a handful of them were left.

After realizing that they could pursue other dreams, instead of being enslaved by the corporation, the remaining children, including Lucy, used their netrunning skills to overwhelm the Arasaka staff and escape. While making their escape, most of the children were shot down one-by-one, and only Lucy managed to survive.

After escaping, Lucy woke up in a junkyard, not planning to stay long. Roaming from place to place, eventually she ended up in Night City, no longer feeling like she was being chased by the megacorp.

Life in Night City

After being in Night City for some time, Lucy joined Maine’s edgerunner crew in 2075, where she was mentored by another netrunner named Kiwi.

While stealing shards from corpos on their way to Corpo Plaza by NCART, she attempted to steal shards held by David Martinez. David, having noticed her presence beforehand, utilized his Sandevistan implant, and was able to intercept her actions and grasped her by her arm. Lucy shrugged off David’s arm, and grasped his with the motion to follow her. Lucy proceeded to interrogate David, as he was messing with her “job”. After a short discussion, the two came to an agreement to work together, Lucy taking on David as her trainee, and split their earnings seventy-to-thirty.



Rebecca is short in stature with soft features, and has bodysculpted her skin to be stark white to contrast with the Mox tattoos on her neck, stomach, and right thigh. Clothing is minimal for Rebecca as her preferred dress is simply her black bra and underwear, a black, Kitsch, high collar jacket with green accents that goes down below her waist (left half-zipped), and a pair of matching sneakers. Besides the jacket and shoes, she pulls her hair up into pigtails with a dual clipped hair band. Initially, her cyberware is subtle with only her pink and yellow cyberoptics standing out. Later on, she–mimicking her brother Pilar–utilizes oversized cyberarms in red and blue for right and left, respectively.


Rebecca is an edgerunner of Night City, and is described as a short, spunky, trigger-happy solo who is always fighting with her brother Pilar. The two siblings often team up with Maine and his crew to conduct mercenary jobs.



Pilar is an edgerunner of Night City, and is described as a comical and crude techie. He and his sister Rebecca often team up with Maine and his crew to conduct mercenary jobs.

Doc (Edgerunners)


A surgeon by day, Doc moonlights as an illicit ripperdoc who hands out black market goods to the residents of Santo Domingo, something that David is aware of.



Dorio is a veteran edgerunner and Maine’s right-hand. She’s jacked and strong, but despite her tough exterior, Dorio has a soft side that she only shows to the people she trusts.



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A member of Maine’s crew of mercenaries, Kiwi is an enigmatic and snarky netrunner with a detachable cybernetic jaw mask. She also acts as a mentor to Lucy.



Falco is the driver in the edgerunner gang.

Maine (Edgerunners)


Maine used to be a military soldier before he became a mercenary. Now a veteran edgerunner in Night City, Maine dreams of “making it big”, although he values his friendships with his crew more than his own glory.



Faraday was a thin and aged man with his hair having turned completely gray. He wore a burgundy Neokitsch suit with black trim and yellow accents. With the suit, always wore black gloves, black shoes, and a white button-down. The most striking feature of Faraday were his three blue cyberoptics installed on his right that contrasted with his yellow cyberoptic on his left.


Faraday is a ruthless fixer with ties to Militech and a distinctive optic cyberware that gives him four eyes. He is based in Santo Domingo and often employs Maine to conduct jobs.

Gangs of Night City

Faraday is one of the character cards in Cyberpunk 2077: Gangs of Night City. He is described as the go-to fixer of Pacifica.

Faraday is very precise. If he plans something, he needs to know everything, even where his edgerunners will stand or what kind of cyberware they’ll use.
He doesn’t like when something doesn’t go as planned, but he won’t scream or be angry. Oh, no, he’ll be much worse. He will calmly tell you that you made a mistake and you should behave better next time. But you don’t know if there’s a next time for you. That’s Faraday’s modus operandi. He likes people to be stressed and scared, not sure of what he’s got planned for them.
He’s cold, doesn’t like to get close with his edgerunners, and knows how to pull strings. Thanks to his amazing planning skills, he always lands on his feet.

James Norris


Norris is a tall, burly man equipped to the teeth with cyberware and can be seen carrying various weapons on his back. He has blonde hair and a gray beard.


James Norris was a Lieutenant Colonel of the NUSA military, who went cyberpsycho in 2076. Arriving at City Center, Norris would walk to the campus of the Militech building in Corpo Plaza and attacked multiple NCPD officers utilizing his cyberware and weaponry. His rampage resulted in the deaths of 27 officers.

When MaxTac arrived on the scene, Norris was quickly paralyzed with a quickhack and then neutralized by being shot in the head with a M-179 Achilles.

His death was was automatically recorded as a braindance due to his military-grade cyberware, and was edited by well-known BD editor Jimmy Kurosaki for distribution. His cyberware was recovered by EMT Gloria Martinez. She planned to sell it to Maine, who had arrangement with her to buy salvaged cyberware, but she died in a car accident before the exchange could be made.

In 2077, the BD of Norris’s death was left in a trash can for V to find, but with a warning to not end up like David Martinez, prompting them to inquire the whereabouts of David Martinez.

Jimmy Kurosaki


Kurosaki is a tall, skinny man who dresses in a Neokitsch style. His face is implanted with several gold-plated facial mods replacing his nose and covering his chin, his eyes have been replaced with cyberoptics with a blue-pink circle design on the iris and pupil. His hair is long and shaved on the sides. He also has a pencil mustache.


Jimmy Kurosaki is a renowned Braindance editor who’s known for scrolling high quality BDs of recent events, which has made him extremely well known and exceedingly wealthy. He has several long running series of XBDs, such as Brain Death, Edgerunners, and It’s Alive Not. Kurosaki also does custom work for personal clients, going as far up as Arasaka board members, like Tanaka, for whom he creates custom made XBDs.

One of the XBDs he made was of cyberpsycho James Norris who went on a rampage and, less than a day later, Kurosaki would scroll the recording in a BD of his Edgerunners series number 32.

In 2077, the BD of Norris’s death that Kurosaki scrolled was left in a trash can for V to find, but with an added warning to not end up like David Martinez.



Julio is a secondary character.

Katsuo Tanaka


Katsuo has a slim build. Dermal implants are visible on the right side of his face and has generally sharp features. His hair is a blue mullet-bowlcut. He is never seen out of his Arasaka Academy uniform.

Maxim Kuznetsov


Maxim Kuznetsov is a Solo working for the Arasaka Corporation.

Sasha Yakovleva


Sasha’s mother, Galina, died when she was a child because of the side effects of Biotechnica painkillers.

In adulthood, she became a part of Maine’s crew of edgerunners as a netrunner alongside Dorio and Rebecca. One night, after getting drinks in the Afterlife, they were hired to infiltrate Biotechnica’s Night City HQ to extract secret financial records on CHOOH2 and information on a new immunosuppressant prototype 0.091.

While getting the information, she discovered confidential files on Securicine – the painkillers her mother used while she was sick. The main side effect of the painkiller included gradual neurodegeneration and that, despite this being known, Biotechnica decided that Securicine was too profitable and would not be pulled from the market. Sasha, determined to do right by her mother, started to upload the entire Securicine database file to the N54 News tipline and activated a bomb in consequence of getting detected. She fought Biotechnica defense robots until the upload got complete, however, while the upload had completed, she would be shot through the window and killed. Maine would find her body with a smile after caving in the roof of a pedestrian’s Chevillon Thrax.

Sasha would later get replaced by Kiwi as the crew’s main netrunner.

Rogue Amendiares


Early Life

Rogue was a rebellious teen, knew stiff hierarchy of gang life was not for her and set out on her own, to become a solo. She was a new and successful mercenary in Night City. Rogue also began a relationship with hit rockerboy sensation Johnny Silverhand. Rogue on occasion asked Johnny if they could visit a drive-in theatre on a date, which went largely ignored.

Her relationship with Johnny ended at some point in 2011, after Rogue found out about Johnny cheating on her.

2010s – 2020s

In 2013, Rogue and her partner, Nomad Santiago were mercs, being reputed to be the best at the time. During a meeting between the two of them in the Atlantis Club, Johnny Silverhand interrupted them by entering the room to ask for their help in raiding Arasaka to save his girlfriend Alt Cunningham. While Rogue was still held a sour spot for Johnny, she ended up agreeing along with Santiago for nothing more than to give it to the corporations. The two participated in Silverhand’s raid on Arasaka Tower to recover Alt and the Soulkiller program alongside a media known as Thompson, but the raid ended in failure as Alt was separated from her body, trapped in the Arasaka mainframe.

During the Fourth Corporate War, Rogue participated in another Arasaka raid that would come to be known as the Night City Holocaust. She,alongside Spider Murphy, Shaitan, and Johnny Silverhand, raided the Arasaka Tower from the roof to leave a mini nuke within. However Johnny had additional plans and asked Rogue to accompany him, she refused and only promised to wait longer for him to escape. After attempting to bring Johnny onboard the chopper, they were intercepted by Adam Smasher, who fired upon the chopper with a heavy machine gun; Rogue was forced to leave Johnny behind as the nuclear bomb would soon detonate.


By 2045, she had largely retired from the solo lifestyle, and now operated the Afterlife, although she still held court with local Solos and acted as a middleman with potential contacts, providing valuable information and intelligence they needed. This was to ensure they would would not harm her because of her involvement in the terrorist attack. She also had a son during this time.


By 2077, Rogue’s reputation as a solo continued to inspire and influence others. As the “Queen of the Afterlife”, she was regarded as Night City’s top fixer. She continued to manage the Afterlife surrounding herself with experts in their fields to follow through with her plans; Nix was hired as the Afterlife’s top netrunner, Crispin Weyland was her pick as the top solo and bodyguard to accompany during big gigs, Emmerick Bronson was hired as the bouncer of the club, and finally Claire Russell became the bartender who kept track of the customers. During this time she was contacted by a corporate bodyguard named Goro Takemura, who had been searching for information on an ex-Arasaka employee, Anders Hellman. Rogue recognized Takemura as the man accused of the murder of Saburo Arasaka and because of this she turned him away before any trouble could be traced to the Afterlife.

At some point, Rogue met with a lone nomad, Panam Palmer, who left her clan to work in Night City. She paired Panam with another nomad named Nash Bane on a few gigs, but during an assignment to deliver “merchandise”, Panam was betrayed by Nash, who stole both their cargo for the Raffen Shiv, and Panam’s customized Thorton Mackinaw “Warhorse”. Having messed up, Panam angrily confronted Rogue, however due to her mistake she refused to give compensation or help to recover the stolen items. After some time she was contacted by a local mercenary, V, who had been searching for information on Anders Hellman similar to Takemura before. Despite recognizing V as the sole survivor of the failed heist at Konpeki Plaza, which marked them as a merc with a body count behind them, she offered to give them the information they needed if they paid €$15,000. After receiving the payment she debriefed V with the information of a Kang Tao AV that was transporting a VIP to secure location, V voiced concerns of working in the Badlands and was paired with Panam, whom Rogue believed could help them retrieve what they needed. After giving V Panam’s contact information, she went back to dealing with her business.

After successfuly retrieving the stolen cargo from Nash, Panam called Rogue to gloat of her success. However, Rogue was not impressed and mocked Panam for having a high-temper and that fixing her own mistake was not an achievement, which only caused Panam to become angrier disconnect the call.

If V never let Johnny take over in Chippin’ In:

Rogue discovered V had made an assault on Arasaka Tower and was impressed. Despite their unsuccessful heist with Dexter Deshawn, she was willing to give them a chance with a new gig she had been planning and later called them to contact her if they were interested.
If V let Johnny take over in Chippin’ In:

Later, Rogue was contacted again by V, who was acting very differently from how they were before, with manners and personality did not fit the mercenary she had met earlier. In fact, the mercenary seemed to acting more like an old acquaintance of hers, long-deceased rockerboy and her former boyfriend Johnny Silverhand himself. Johnny, in V’s body, convinced her that it was him and that he needed information to find Adam Smasher. Having already done some investigating, along with a copious amount of partying and debauchery, in V’s body, he informed Rogue that he had managed to track down a word that could lead them to Grayson, Smasher’s second-in-command: “Ebunike.” After V eventually woke up as themselves, Rogue explained that she knew everything and was willing to work with them. She later called and revealed that Ebunike was an old container ship docked in Night City and to meet her back at the Afterlife to discuss it further. After V arrived she gave them a Replica of Johnny’s Samurai jacket he used to wear and they proceeded to the docs to infiltrate the Ebunike. Upon arriving they made in onto the ship and discovered information on Smasher, as well as Grayson himself. As Rogue and V questioned him, he revealed that Smasher had been promoted to head of Arasaka’s security and was unlikely to return, and insinuated Rogue was on his side and there was a reason Arasaka had never hunted her after the Arasaka Tower bombing. Rogue, upset, shut him up before he revealed anymore information with a prompt pistol-whip to his head. Stating that she believed the plan was pointless and that they should forget about Smasher, Rogue then left the docks and went back to the Afterlife.
If V invited Rogue on a date for Johnny in Blistering Love:
Rogue was later contacted by V again, only this time they were inviting her on a date on Johnny’s behalf. She believed there was something more thinking Johnny never called unless he wanted something. However, V reassured her that there were no strings attached and quickly provided where to have the date: the Silver Pixel Cloud drive-in theatre. The drive-in theatre was the same one she wanted Johnny to take her back when they were young. They both agreed and she told V to meet her at the Afterlife to pick her up. She got ready and waited in front, finally V arrived with Johnny’s Porsche much to her surprise. Rogue noted that Johnny wasn’t here and asked when he would show up, V informed her that they were only the driver, she commented on V keeping him on a “short leash.” They proceeded to drive to the drive-in and upon arriving discovered it had been closed, V opened the entrance and began to set things up as Rogue sat and waited to see the movie.

Adam Smasher

Adam Smasher is a full-borg solo and rival of Morgan Blackhand. He is employed by Arasaka and by 2077, has risen to the position of head of security and the personal bodyguard of Yorinobu Arasaka.

Smasher is a towering cyborg, with little humanity left to be seen – not that he ever had much. After being reduced to mush by an RPG blast, Arasaka offered him a choice – either pull the plug or become a full body cyborg. With little to no options and a lack of care for his human side, he agreed and became more machine than man.

Adam has no empathy for others, including his fellow employees, but Arasaka kept him alive, so he lives to repay their kind deeds to him by killing the enemies of the corporation.



Adam Smasher was a fairly typical punk, a worthless New York City mook who joined the Army when his gang was wiped out. After several years in uniform, he was discharged for bad conduct and took up being a contract gun-boy in his home city.

It was a good life for Adam, as his lack of squeamishness and sadistic thoroughness brought in enough jobs to keep him in guns, gear, drugs, and brutal one-night stands. But he finally went on that one job where everything fell apart. A couple of rockets turned him into meatloaf. His buddies backpacked what was left of him out of the zone and back to the Big Apple. A mysterious corporate benefactor took note and made him the classic offer he couldn’t refuse: corporate service in a metal body, or death. As if thoughts of lost humanity would bother Adam.


Seven years later since then, the new cybernetic Adam Smasher had made quite a name for himself along the eastern seaboard. He hired out for almost any mission presented to him, as long as it wasn’t an obvious suicide or double-cross. He did have one stipulation: Collateral damage and civilian casualties are a must. During this he had developed a quiet rivalry with Morgan Blackhand along the way, seeing the classic Solo as a threat to his metal-is-better-than-meat worldview. Adam had repeatedly tried to challenge him to a face-off, but Morgan only ignored him at every possible confrontation. Naturally, this snubbing had simply stoked the cyborg’s psychopathic rage higher.

Meanwhile, his secret benefactors had allowed him time for freelancing. That had changed with the war; now, Adam is somewhat fully employed by his patrons, who turn out to be a branch of Arasaka security. All this was fine with him, especially since he knew that Morgan was currently working for Militech.

2020 – 2023

In 2022, Adam Smasher was recruited by Arasaka to fight in the Fourth Corporate War. Adam was more than happy to fight for Arasaka because he knew Morgan Blackhand had been hired by Militech. Arasaka supplied him with everything he could ever want, including the DaiOni power armor conversion gear that turned Adam into a nearly unstoppable machine. During this time, on August 23rd, Smasher was present at what would become the Night City Holocaust at the top of Arasaka Tower. That night, as remarked by a former SpecOps operative who was present at the mission, Smasher and the rest of the Arasaka troops ambushed Johnny Silverhand and Morgan Blackhand’s team. However, Silverhand distracted him, shouting and firing at him with his gun, getting injured by Smasher in the process, yet giving Shaitan an opportunity to hold Smasher back. Despite that, Adam had injured Johnny badly, leaving him to be retrieved from Arasaka medical team.

Smasher later appeared at the top of the tower, preparing to fight Blackhand as the rest of the extraction team left on their aerodyne. Blackhand remarked about testing Smasher’s philosophy for itself shortly before the nuclear bomb detonated.

2023 – 2075

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After the bomb, Smasher survived and was retrieved by Arasaka, who healed him by replacing what little was left of the man with yet more machinery. Smasher was supposedly tasked by Saburo Arasaka to take care of Silverhand’s body and his possessions, being one of the few people who knew were Johnny was buried. Shortly after Adam disappeared for many years.

During the next decades, Smasher would come and go from Night City. He also teamed up with Rogue Amendiares for a time.

At some point after 2045, Smasher seemingly found more of Silverhand’s possessions in Samantha Stevens’ garage, and around the country. Although he had sold much of Silverhand’s items, he decided to keep some of them – including Silverhand’s Porsche and his signature gun the Malorian Arms 3516.

Some time after 2050, Adam was assigned as Yorinobu Arasaka’s bodyguard and was placed in charge of carrying out Arasaka’s dirtiest work, gaining a reputation for expert management of loose ends. During this time, Adam made the Ebunike Docks in Watson his base of operations. Jeremiah Grayson, one of his most loyal men, became his right-hand, and for a job well done, Smasher gifted him Silverhand’s unique pistol.


In 2076, Smasher was brought in by Arasaka agents Kate and Douglas to deal with the rampaging mercenary David Martinez, who was in possession of an experimental Arasaka “cyberskeleton”.

When David arrived at Arasaka Tower, Smasher emerged and engaged him in battle. David briefly managed to escape, only to witness Smasher jump from the tower and crush Rebecca, David’s accomplice. David, on the verge of cyberpsychosis, activated his Sandevistan, but was shocked to see Smasher utilizing one as well, with the latter scoffing that it was a “rudimentary implant.” Smasher eventually emerged the victor, commenting that David would have made an “interesting construct” before executing him.

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