Cyberpunk 2077: Solutions to Sandevistan Not Working/Unresponsive

I’ve found a few solutions to player complaints of their Sandevistan OS not working beyond a certain point in the story of Cyberpunk 2077.

1. Berserk Method

The method that worked for me was to go to any ripperdoc that sells the Berserk OS, equip it, use it once, and replace it with your Sandevistan again. My Sandevistan stopped working after completing the Voodoo Boys story line. This has been a known issue among players with completing this story line and has been reported to CD Projekt RED.

List of Ripperdocs that sell the Berserk OS and their requirements:

  • Nina Kravitz in Charter Hill for €$6,000 (6 Body // Uncommon.)
  • Ripperdoc in Arroyo for €$6,000 (6 Body // Uncommon.)
  • Ripperdoc in Downtown for €$10,000 (9 Body // Rare.)
  • Ripperdoc in Wellsprings for €$10,000 (9 Body // Rare.)
  • Ripperdoc in Wellsprings for €$16,000 (12 Body // Epic.)
  • Ripperdoc in Downtown for €$16,000 (12 Body // Epic.)
  • Ripperdoc in Japantown at 27 Street Cred for €$28,000 (16 Body // Legendary.)
  • Ripperdoc in Arroyo at 43 Street Cred for €$28,000 (16 Body // Legendary.)
  • Nina Kraviz in Charter Hill at 29 Street Cred for €$35,000 (18 Body // Legendary/Iconic.)
  • Robert Rainwater in Kabuki at 14 Street Cred for €$35,000 (18 Body // Legendary/Iconic.)

2. Synaptic Accelerator Cyberware Conflict

One player says:

Originally posted by KuroganeHammer:

“Sandevistan Operating Systems and Synaptic Accelarator cyberware are in conflict, which is a known issue but it was never explained by CDPR if yes or no one is supposed to break the other. When I have both equipped, that’s usually when my Sandevistan bugs and can’t be activated until I reload a save.”

Information about the Synaptic Accelerator:

3. Drink Alcohol

Another proven method to fix a broken Sandevistan OS is to drink alcohol. I’m unsure of how much alcohol you need to drink (I’m assuming once) or if you need to wait for the effects of the alcohol to wear off. Some players are experiencing a glitch where the time speed up ends and the cooldown ends but there’s still an icon that indicates there’s a speed buff when there actually isn’t. Alcohol gives you a speed de-buff and will counteract the speed buff (for some players.)

Originally posted by roxorplays:

“I tried everything, restarting, getting other os. It finally worked after consuming alcohol. Alcohol fixes everything. Just like in real life.”

An example of this glitch in action:

4. Mod

Another method requires the Cyber Engine Tweaks mod, plus here’s the command:

StatusEffectHelper.RemoveAllStatusEffects(GetPlayer()) print(" -ALL EFFECTS REMOVED")

You’ll want to copy and paste this into the terminal.

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