Cyberpunk 2077: All Endings Guide 2022

This is a clear and straightforward guide on how to obtain all the 4 different main endings and their achievements. Before going any further, be warned as there are heavy spoilers ahead.


Ending 1 – The Devil

Help Takemura avenge the death of Saburo Arasaka.

This ending is Missable.

Search And Destroy
(OPTIONAL: Make a manual save before attempting this misson in case you mess up with saving Takemura.)

When you’ve reached the Main Mission “Search And Destroy” you will meet with Takemura at his Hideout. You will later talk with Takemura and Hanako Arasaka about Saburo Arasakas death. Shortly after, Arasakas Assault Squad will ambush the apartment, leaving V falling down a hole through the floor. When you get up, Johnny will tell you to leave the apartment, but instead continue down the hallway until you reach the large blue cross hanging on the wall, turn around and there will be a hole in the wall, go through it and continue up the stairs. Eventually you’ll meet up with Takemura in a room with 3 guards. Take them out, then talk to Takemura and follow him. After a while he will you to split up, do so and the mission will be completed.

Nocturne OP55N1
Play through the mission as usual until you’re on the balcony with Misty. You and Johnny will then talk. In the dialogue, pick “Think trusting Arasaka’s risky but worth it.” > “[Take omega-blockers] Yeah. Don’t be mad.”

You will then go down from the balcony and into Misty’s Esoterica, waiting for your driver. From this point forward the achievement is unmissable, play the remaining missions as normal until the cutscene is running, the achievement should pop.


  • You won’t get an objective marker to save Takemura after getting attacked by Arasaka soldiers and that’s what makes it missable as not everyone will know that you can save him.

Ending 2 – The Sun

Become a legend of the Afterlife.

Before attempting this ending, you’ll need to complete Rogue’s storyline which is very short and straightforward. After you’ve unlocked the achievement “Bushido and Chill”, you’ll be eligible of obtaining this ending. Her storyline is technically Missable if you fail on her first quest “Chippin’ In”.

Nocturne Op55N1
Once you’re on the balcony with Johnny, choose the following; “Think you and Rogue should go.” > [Take pseudoendotrizine] I am. Do your thing, Johnny.”
(You will now play the mission as Johnny).

Knockin’ on Heaven’s Door
Play through the missions as normal until you enter the Cyberspace, in which you will talk with V and Alt. In the conversation, you Must choose “Goin’ with Alt, you live on”.

Cross the bridge and enter the Cyberspace, the cutscene will start, granting you the achievement.

Ending 3 – The Star

Leave Night City with the Aldecaldos.

In order to start this ending you’ll need to complete Panam Palmer’s storyline, which consists of 3 missions: “Riders on The Storm”, “With a Little Help from My Friends” and “Queen of the Highway”. After completing the last mission, “Queen of the Highway”, the achievement will pop.

Nocturne Op55N1
When you’re on the balcony with Johnny choose: “Gonna ask Panam for help.” > “[Take omega-blockers] Yep. Gonna do this with the nomads.”

Play through the missions until you defeat Adam Smasher.
(OPTIONAL: Make a manual save for the “Temperance” ending and achievement).

Continue the mission and enter the Cyberspace where you will talk to Alt. Choose the dialogue option “Wanna live out whatever life I got left”.

Enter the well to return to your body. The ending cutscene will start and you’ll get the achievement.


  • If you don’t enter the well and return to your body, you’ll trigger another cutscene, looking you out from this ending.

Ending 4 – Temperance

Let Johnny Silverhand keep your body.

As stated in “The Star” ending, you should’ve made a manual save after you defeated Adam Smasher. If you did, reload the save and start from there.

Continue the missions until you reach the Cyberspace.

Knockin’ on Heaven’s Door
During the conversation with Alt and Johnny, choose the dialogue option “Body’s Johnny’s. I’ll go.”
Cross the bridge and enter the Cyberspace forever.


  • If you do not cross the bridge and enter the Cyberspace, you will trigger a cutscene, making this ending missable.

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