Cyberpunk 2077: Recommended Modding List (V1.6)

A list of mods that I found interesting enough to make yet another playthrough of 2077 more immersive.


Last Edit: Oct. 17th, 2022; Stable mostly with seldom crashes after long hours (4-5 hrs), nothing game breaking.

  1. REDMod is somehow wonky for Vortex as far as I am aware of (Oct.17th, 2022). But manual installations works just fine.
  2. If using REDMod, make sure to have the REDMod DLC download checked in steam and turn on mods in the launcher.
  3. I am not a professional modder, just making this document to guide whoever that is interested and myself for future modding efforts.
  4. Always start with a fresh installation when possible, no residual modded file in your directory, such as the cache folder under /r6.
  5. I would like to say to install by the listed order, but I am not 100% sure if it is the optimized order yet.



We will simply use Vortex for the Hardlink deployment method. If encountering mods that does not offer vortex support, install manually as instructed on the mod page. The procedure should as simple as:

  1. Find the mod
  2. Read the mod description and comment sections
  3. Download the mod
  4. Unpack the mod with 7-zip or something else
  5. Drag the folder to the root game directory or the mods folder in the root directory
  6. Give an endorsement about the mod if you enjoy it

Basic Libraries

We start off with the basic libraries, then move onwards from gameplay related topics to quality of life sections

  1. REDMod
  2. CET
  3. Redscript
  4. Red4EXT
  5. ArchiveXL
  6. TweakXL
  7. Material and Texture Override
  8. Native Settings UI
  9. CyberCMD
  10. Virtual Atelier
  11. Mod Settings
  12. Input Loader

Gameplay, Cyberware, and Shops

  1. Silent Silencers and Throwing Knives
  2. Legendary Cyberware Collection
  3. Ranged Attack Speed Damage Fix
  4. Time Dilation Overhaul
  5. Lynx Paws Reimagined
  6. Kiroshi Optics Expanded
  7. Drone Companions
  8. Vehicle Combat
  9. Chromazon – All in One
  10. All Vanilla Atelier Store
  11. Militech Dress Archive XL
  12. Judy Romanced Enhanced
  13. Panam Romanced Enhanced
  14. Damage Floor
  15. Level Scaling and Balance – Level Scaling with Higher Minimum Levels (rebalanced map)
  16. AI Netrunners Enhanced
  17. SDO – Scissors Difficulty Options
  18. Ped Damage Overhaul 2077
  19. Simple XP Multiplier

Appearance, Clothing, and Locations

  1. AMM
  2. Edgerunners Location Additions
  3. Lizzy’s Bar Enhanced
  4. Night City Interactions
  5. V’s Edgerunners Mansion – Apartment DLC
  6. Weapon Showcase UI Fix
  7. E3 2018 HUD – Spicy HUDs
  8. Spicy Clean Hack Screen
  9. Saburo Arasaka Kimono for Male V (Clipping problem when swimming)
  10. Outfits for Male and Female – Formal Suits – 3 sets


  1. Car Modification Shop
  2. Bike Overhaul
  3. The DocWorks ”Arcadia” Mk. VI – Full Remake (Invisible first summon, change appearance with AMM to fix)

Quality of Life

  1. Auto on Neon Rims
  2. Extended and Improved Headlights
  3. Talk to Me
  4. Simple Untrack Quest
  5. Weather Probability Relance x Eye Adaption Auto Exposure Fix
  6. System-EX
  7. Double Cyberware Slots (System-Ex Patch)
  8. Fast Launch (Skip Startup Videos) – RedMod compatibility Test
  9. NPC native language – All-In-One
  10. Always First Equip
  11. Improved Minimap Zoom
  12. Enhanced Craft
  13. Stand Still Please
  14. Corrupt NCPD
  15. Scrap your items to obtain crafting recipes
  16. Real Vendor Names
  17. Ragdoll Physics Overhaul
  18. Smarter Scrapper
  19. Hide Read Shards
  20. Only Smartweapon Crosshairs

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