Disney Dreamlight Valley: Time Traveling to get Dream Shards

This guide should only be used in case of emergency!


Beware of Mother Gothels Quest after unlocking the Glade of Trust Biome!!

Do NOT enter the tree house or speak to Mother Gothel to begin this quest unless you have 5 Dream Shards available in your inventory! If you do you will be completely stuck in game with every building, stall, and characters blocked off making you unable to play the game properly until getting the shards.

If you’ve already done this and are now stuck here is what I suggest you do..

1. Feeding animals their FAVORITE foods has a chance to drop shards but it’s still unlikely and very rare.
2. Ten night vines are supposed to spawn per day, wait for those to appear and hope for the best but know they are extremely hard to come by and you could be stuck unable to play normally for like a week.
3. The devs have stated in known issues they plan to buff shards but we have no ETA of that happening so.. again you’d have to just wait.
4. Unlock new biome to have access to the new Night Vines in that area.
5. If you’ve unlocked and cleared all you can for the time being, you can move your well teleport in your furniture tab as you would any other item around the world to place it on the side blocked off by bridges to try those night vines at a chance for more. This is extremely helpful!
6. Risky and likely to mess up some things but if you’re desperate you can do as I did and time travel.

What to do before and during time travel

WARNING: Time Traveling is very risky in its current state even following these instructions, you may encounter bugs with your plants, rocks, herbs and mushrooms etc. being frozen and unharvestable or not respawning at all.

Doing so is at your own risk and is likely to occur in some bugs until they patch these issues. This should only be used in case of emergency if you’re stuck on the Cursed quest and can’t play the game anymore.

For switch and PC users you should be able to do this simply by changing your time to manual instead of automatic in your settings.

Important: Before you log out of your current save do the following!

– Remove ALL crops absolutely nothing should be planted or they will get frozen in time and unable to be harvested.

– Do not harvest any respawning resources like fruits, bushes, mining rocks, or herbs in the ground. Leave everything spawned in BEFORE going forward in time. All of these will get bugged if messed with in time travel. I’d recommend just leaving your game AFK for a bit so everything can respawn in before time traveling.

– Once you’ve logged out and made sure everything is spawned in, change your time, I’d recommend going day by day, first try the mornings or afternoons and if you can’t see any night vines then go to night time, and if still none then go to the next day and repeat the process.

– Night vines only spawn ten a day and are only a small chance to get the shards so this can take a while. Make sure you log out and restart your game every time you do a time change.

– It’s very important when you’re ahead in the future you continue to not touch anything. And I mean anything.. don’t harvest or mine anything, you’re there only for the vines. If you mess this up and go back to normal time you’ll be missing them because they won’t respawn anymore.

– Repeat this process until you have enough shards to finish the quest. Once it’s finished you can save and log out and put your game back to normal time. If you followed my instructions, you should have minimal problems with your harvests and can play again as normal.

– If after returning to normal time you notice something is not spawning or is not able to be harvested and you’re in desperate need of this item, you can time travel ahead again using these same instructions to get that item. Make sure its the same time as your last time travel date or further.

Time traveling is only to be used for desperate measures like this cursed quest, any other time I do not recommend the risk! Good luck!

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