Disney Dreamlight Valley: All Critters Guide

A guide to obtain all the critters, including their favourite foods and how to approach them.   Introduction A guide list including all the critters with information about their favourite foods and approach methods so you can add them to your collection! Squirrels Location: Plaza Favourite Food: Peanuts ~ (Likes: Fruit) Approach: Just walk up to them Rabbits … Read more

Disney Dreamlight Valley Guide (Sleep Times, Recipes, Locations, Gems, Goraging, and etc)

Here is a full guide with almost all information in Disney Dreamlight Valley.   Character Sleep Times Anna – 4am-8am Ariel – 6am-10am Donald – 7am-11am Elsa – 2am-7am Eric – 7am-11am Goofy – 5am-9am Kristoff – 10pm-2am Maui – 1am-5am Meriln – Doen’t Sleep Mickey – 9pm-2am Minnie – 7am-11am Moana – 9pm-2am Mother Gothel – 1am-5am Remy – 6pm-11pm Scrooge – Does’t Sleep Ursula – 6pm – 10pm Wall-E – … Read more

Disney Dreamlight Valley: How to Make Fruit Salad

Disclosing how to make delicious fruit salad through Disney Dreamlight Valley.   Ingredients Apple Banana Blueberry Cherry Cocoa Bean Coconut Gooseberry Lemon Raspberry Just make sure you have any of the fruits listed above. Doesn’t matter how many you have as long as you have at least 1 (one) of whichever. Tools You Need A stove A pot Water That’s all. Make … Read more

Disney Dreamlight Valley: Ultimate Critter & Companion Guide

WARNING: Contains Quest & Gameplay Spoilers Ultimate Critter Guide is to help people find out critters likes/favourite foods & rewards. Also including schedules and certain unlock requirements for hidden companions. This feature is a must if you’re after cute companions that follow you, or simply just want to gather more of those elusive dream shards. … Read more