Disney Dreamlight Valley: All Critters Guide

A guide to obtain all the critters, including their favourite foods and how to approach them.



A guide list including all the critters with information about their favourite foods and approach methods so you can add them to your collection!


Location: Plaza

Favourite Food: Peanuts ~ (Likes: Fruit)

Approach: Just walk up to them


Location: Peaceful Meadow

Favourite Food: Carrots ~ (Likes: Vegetables)

Approach: Chase them three times


Location: Forest of Valor

Favourite Food: Blueberries ~ (Likes: Berries)

Approach: Once they notice you, step foward only when they lower their head (Red light / Green light game)


Location: Sunlit Plateau

Favourite Food:

  • Emerald Sunbird: Green Passion Lily
  • Golden Sunbird: Sunflower
  • Orchid Sunbird: Orange Houseleek
  • Red Sunbird: Red Bromeliad
  • Turquoise Sunbird: Pink Houseleek and Blue Passion Lily

~ (Likes: Any Flowers)

Approach: Just walk up to them


Location: Frosted Heights

Favourite Food: White Sturgeon ~ (Likes: Salmon)

Approach: Chase them until they allow you to interact


Location: Dazzle Beach

Favourite Food: Seaweed ~ (Likes: Shellfish)

Approach: Walk up to them and wait for their head to pop out of the shell


Location: Glade of Trust

Favourite Food: Lobster ~ (Likes: Squid)

Approach: Once they notice you, step foward only when they lower their head (Red light / Green light game)


Location: Forgotten Lands

Favourite Food: 5-Star Meals ~ (Likes: 4-Star Meals)

Approach: Stand still under them while they circle around you for a bit

Special Critters

Unlocked after completing Moana’s level 6 friendship quest called “The Search for Pua”.

Choco Crocodile:
Unlocked during the first week of early access.

Celestial Sea Turtle:
Unlocked after purchasing the Deluxe Edition founders pack.

Regal Fox:
Unlocked after purchasing the Ultimate Edition founders pack.

Unlocked through the Pixar Star Path (September 2022)

Wind Up Raccoon:
Unlocked through the Villain’s Star Path (October 2022)

Festive Fox:
Unlocked through the Festive Star Path (December 2022)


  • To obtain critters as companions you will need to feed them a few times.
  • By feeding them they’ll drop you seeds, motifs, dreamshards or memories.
  • You can check which critters are available during the current day in your collection tab menu

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