Disney Dreamlight Valley: Critter Feeding Guide

Guide for what to feed each Critter and how to approach them.



-Food Type-

Rabbits : Lettuce
Squirrels : Apples
Raccoons : Blueberries
Turtles : Seaweed
Crocodiles : Lobster
Foxes : White Sturgeon
Birds : Orange Houseleeks

How To Catch

-Catching A Critter-

Each critter type can only be fed once per day, feeding the same type each day increases your chances of companionship!

Rabbits : Walk up to them, they will flee, do this 3x.

Squirrels : Walk up to them, straight forward no fleeing.

Raccoons : Walk halfway to them, when they crouch take a 1 step which will make them stand, be completely still until they crouch again, rinse repeat until you are close enough to feed.

Turtles : Walk up to them until they hide inside their shell, be still, wait for them to pop out of shell, approach to feed.

Crocodiles : Same as raccoon, except their animation will slightly differ from crouching(relaxed non threatened pose).

Foxes : TBD

Birds : Same as Squirrels, walk up to them.

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  1. Foxes you need to chase them until the sit still as you walk up to them it can take a bit and a lot of running around but eventually they will stop running when you walk up to them


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