Disney Dreamlight Valley: Ultimate Critter & Companion Guide

WARNING: Contains Quest & Gameplay Spoilers

Ultimate Critter Guide is to help people find out critters likes/favourite foods & rewards. Also including schedules and certain unlock requirements for hidden companions. This feature is a must if you’re after cute companions that follow you, or simply just want to gather more of those elusive dream shards.


~ Critters and their Favourite Foods ~

**As of the latest update, flowers have been removed from the liked items loot table**

The current list of critters in the game:

Black Squirrel (Tuesday/Thursday/Friday/)
Classic Squirrel (Monday/Thursday/Saturday/)
Gray Squirrel (Tuesday/Wednesday/Saturday/)
Red Squirrel (Monday/Wednesday/Friday/)
White Squirrel 12am-6am(?)

Favourite Food: Peanut (obtained from Chez Remy after Remy’s second friendship quest)
(rewards granted:1 x Random Motif Bag)

Liked Foods: Apple
(rewards granted: 1-2 Dream Shards, 1-3 Oregano,)

Peaceful Meadow
Black Rabbit (Monday/Wednesday/Friday/)
Brown Rabbit (Tuesday/Wednesday/Saturday/)
Calico Rabbit 8am-2pm (Thursday)
Classic Rabbit (Monday/Thursday/Saturday/)
White Rabbit (Tuesday/Thursday/Friday/)

Favourite Food: Carrot
(rewards granted: 1 x Random Motif Bag)

Liked Foods: Lettuce
(rewards granted: 1-2 Dream Shards,1-3 Basil, 1-4 Lettuce Seeds,)

Dazzle Beach
Black Sea Turtle 10am-4pm (Monday)
Brown Sea Turtle (Monday/Wednesday/Friday/)
Classic Sea Turtle (Monday/Thursday/Saturday/)
Purple Sea Turtle (Tuesday/Thursday/Friday/)
White Sea Turtle (Tuesday/Wednesday/Saturday/)

Favourite Food: Seaweed (gained by fishing from a non fishing spot)
(rewards granted: 1 x Random Motif Bag)

Liked Foods: ?
(rewards granted: 1-2 Dream Shards,)

Glade of Trust
Blue Crocodile (Monday/Wednesday/Friday/)
Classic Crocodile (Monday/Thursday/Saturday/)
Golden Crocodile (Tuesday/Thursday/Friday/)
Pink Crocodile ()
Red Crocodile (Tuesday/Wednesday/Saturday/)
White Crocodile ()

Favourite Food: Lobster (gained by fishing from a golden fishing spot in Glade of Trust)
(rewards granted: 1 x Random Motif Bag)

Liked Foods: ?
(rewards granted: 1-2 Dream Shards,1-3 Mushroom,)

Forest of Valor
Black Raccoon (Tuesday/Wednesday/Friday/)
Blue Raccoon 4pm-10pm (Wednesday)
Classic Raccoon (Monday/Thursday/Saturday/)
Red Raccoon (Monday/Wednesday/Friday/)
White Raccoon (Tuesday/Thursday/Saturday/)

Favourite Food: Blueberry
(rewards granted: 1-2 Dream Shards, 1 x Random Motif Bag)

Liked Foods: ?
(rewards granted: 1-2 Dream Shards, 1-3 Garlic,)

Sunlit Plateau
Emerald Sunbird (Tuesday/Wednesday/Saturday/)
Golden Sunbird (Tuesday/Thursday/Friday/)
Orchid Sunbird 9am-3pm (Friday)
Red Sunbird (Monday/Thursday/Saturday/)
Turquoise Sunbird (Monday/Wednesday/Friday/)

Favourite FoodFlowers found in respective biome (Sunlit Plateau)
Emerald Sunbird ~ Yellow Bromeliad
Golden Sunbird ~ Orange Houseleek
Orchid Sunbird ~ ? (possibly Orange Houseleek)
Red Sunbird ~ Red Bromeliad
Turquoise Sunbird ~ Pink Bromeliad/Pink Houseleek
(rewards granted: 1-2 Dream Shards or 1 x Random Motif Bag)

Liked Foods:
Emerald Sunbird ~ Green Passion Lilly (Obtained from Frosted Heights)
Golden Sunbird ~ ?
Orchid Sunbird ~ ?
Red Sunbird ~ ?
Turquoise Sunbird ~ ?
(rewards granted: 1-2 Dream Shards, 1-3 Vanilla,)

Frosted Heights
Black Fox (Tuesday/Wednesday/Saturday/)
Blue Fox (Tuesday/Thursday/Friday/)
Classic Fox (Monday/Wednesday/Friday/)
Red Fox ()
White Fox (Monday/Thursday/Saturday/)

Favourite Food: White Sturgeon (gained by fishing from a golden fishing spot in Frosted Heights)
(rewards granted: 1-2 Dream Shards or 1 x Random Motif Bag)

Liked Foods: ?
(rewards granted: 1-2 Dream Shards, 1-3 Mint,)

Critters that haven’t been added:

Forgotten Lands
Blue Raven (unknown)
Brown Raven (unknown)
Classic Raven (unknown)
Red Raven (unknown)
White Raven (unknown)

Favourite Food: Unknown
(rewards granted: unknown)

Liked Foods: Unknown
(rewards granted: 1-2 Dream Shards, 1-3 Ginger,)

~ Feeding and Companion Guide ~

Critter Feeding

Squirrels: Don’t require any method, just approach and interact to feed them

Rabbits: Basically a game of chase, get close to them and they will run away. This method requires you to do this three times before you can interact with and feed them.

Sea Turtles: Once you approach the sea turtle, they will quickly hide inside their shell. If you wait a while (approx 8 secs) they will pop back out and allow you to interact and feed them.

Crocodiles: One of the toughest methods out of them all, once you get a certain distance away from the crocodile it will stand upright and look around. After it has done this, you want to wait until they drop back down to the ground. This then allows you to (sometimes, depending if the game likes you or not) move closer to the crocodile. Rinse and repeat until you are able to interact with the crocodile to feed it.

(Once you practise with timing, you can end up doing this within 2-3 movements)

Raccoon: The exact same method as the crocodile, get close and wait for them to stand upright, then wait for them to drop back down to move closer to them to feed them.

Sunbirds: The exact same method as the squirrel, just approaching them will allow you to feed them.

Foxes: The exact same method as the rabbit, another chase sequence where after the third one you should be able to interact with and feed them.

Ravens: Unknown

When it comes to making these critters your companions, you have to feed them their favourite food 2-3 times in a row. Breaking from this streak will reduce the chances of becoming a companion

Special Companions

These are all the companions that require certain criteria to unlock, some only available for a limited time.

Pua: The adorable companion to Moana is unlocked after completing her 4th Friendship Quest

IncrediSquirrel: The only current way to unlock this critter as a companion is by purchasing them on the Pixar Fest Star Path using the themed currency.

Choco Crocodile: This companion is unlocked by playing through the first week of early access

Celestial Sea Turtle: This critter companion is only unlocked from purchasing the Founders Pack – Deluxe Edition or Ultimate Edition

Regal Fox: Similar to the Celestial Sea Turtle, this critter companion can only be unlocked exclusively from purchasing the Founders Pack – Ultimate Edition

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