Dying Light 2: Easy Level 7-9 Item & Money Farm

An easy high level item farm that you can do immediately after unlocking City Hall area, this farm won’t have any combat involved unless based on the path you have taken, the area of the city which is underwater has been drained.



First things first, you’ll need to activate this Night Runner’s hideout which helps you respawn close by incase you die while farming.

You can activate this Metro Station for easier accessibility for later.

Also, since the lockpick level for Airdrops go as high as veryhard, it would be easier and faster to have upgraded lockpicks.

The Farm

From the Night Runner’s hideout, start going towards the airdrops and start lockpicking them, you only have to do this once, since they gonna be unlocked for next times.

Afterwards, just leave for sometime (couple of hours ingame) so that the items can re-spawn, then continue the farm, you will also receive Morphine, which you can sell for good amount of money.

+ Bonus

You can activate this Radio Tower to find the location of Inhibitors nearby, but keep in mind, you need +400 stamina for this Radio Tower!

Thanks to _BuzzarD ∾ for his great guide, all credit to his effort. you can also read the original guide from Steam Community. enjoy the game.

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