Dying Light 2: How to Fix no Crossbow Reward from PK Faction Zones

Here is a simple fix for the on going issue.


Obtaining a crossbow in a glitched save

Step 1. Download this mod here : https://www.nexusmods.com/dyinglight2/mods/11?tab=files&file_id=23
Step 2.
1. Download the file
2. Open the zip.
2. Put the file in “Dying Light 2\ph\source”
3. Start the game and go to the “Hints” section of your menu
Step 3.
Click on the items tab, then click on the search bar.
Step 4.
Search “Cross” in the search bar then, look for a crossbow with the Localized Name “PK Crossbow” after you find it simply left click on it and you should receive it.
Step 5.
Search “Bolt” in the search bar then, look for a item called “Craftplan_Bolt” select that item and you shall receive the crossbow bolt blueprint.

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