Dying Light 2: How to Get Legendary Weapons (400+ dmg on lvl9)

In this guide I will teach you how to get guaranteed Legendary and artifact quality weapons
No lock picking airdrops and getting random gear anymore


Getting started

First of all i recommend a good supply of at least 10 toughness or regeneration boosters, immunity boosters and some UV bars.
If you’re short on materials dont worry, just get a whole lot of arrows and/or bolts.
Toughness boosters considerably reduce the amount of physical damage you take, making you basically immortal unless you get hit with poison, fire or an electric box

Finding random encounters (at night)

Just go out at night, try not to get chased and find the orange Bolter Icon.
The enemy can be a Charger, Goon, Demolisher or Volatile.

Here’s the waypoint on the location of this encounter:

These encounters dont always spawn on the first try, run around and come back if it isnt there.

Getting your weapons

Just kill the Infected with the mark using your melee or ranged weapons, if you start a chase just throw flares near you so the virals go away.

When looting the body you will get a guaranteed legendary or artifact weapon:

Here I got a legendary Shoelace machete :

At level 9 you are guaranteed a weapon with 400+ damage and 3 mod sockets. With max level weapon mods you can make 500+ damage weapons.

Highest damage weapon I’ve ever gotten is 491 and the lowest is 403.

Important: Weapons can be of artifact or legendary quality, the only difference is the color of the icon.

Before you go

Before you start remember this was in a Normal difficulty game, results may vary in hard difficulty.
I really recommend toughness or regeneration boosters to make this easier.
None of the items i showed you were modded into the game

Good night and good hunting Nightrunners.

By Su

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