Dying Light: All Weapons & Consumables (All DLCs)

This is a list of all DLC Weapons & Consumables that have some form of Non-Cosmetic benefit that would justify their purchase. This includes unique stats, modifiers, or gameplay benefits.



All items in this category advantageously modify the weapon, or provide some form of benefit justifying their real world cost.

Buzz Killer: Converts any sledgehammer into a sharp weapon that can apply bleed.
Lacerator: Converts any Plank or Table Leg into a sharp weapon that can apply bleed.
Night Club: Adds Electricity and Fire damage to any Pipe.
The Constable: Adds Electricity to any Police Baton.

Ranger Bow: A good bow early on, but outclassed by the Free Hellraid bow, Corrupt Justice which has more upgrade slots.
Exploding and Incendiary Arrows: From the same pack as the Ranger Bow. Alternate ammo types.

Volatile Hunter Baton: Applies Electricity and Fire to Bats, Crowbars Hammers, Hatchets, Military Shovels, Picks, Police Batons, and Wrenches.
Volatile Hunter Knife: Applies Electricity and Fire to Blades, Cleavers, Long and Short Knives, and Sickles.
Volatile Hunter Sledgehammer: Applies Electricity and Fire to Axes, Pickaxes, and Sledgehammers.
Volatile Hunter Sword: Applies Electricity and Fire Handsaws, Khopeshes, Long and Short Swords, Machetes, and Scythes.

The Deputy: Slightly extends the range of any long knives, including kukris.

Alpha: A suppressed Assault Rifle with +10 Extra bullets.
Pup: A suppressed pistol with extra headshot damage.

Omerta: Extra EXP on kills

Harran Inmate’s Rifle: Extra Magazine Capacity.

The Volkatronixx: fires electric bullets, and has a 100% chance to stagger biters and virals on hit. Effect is AoE
The Vindicator 2000: Increased… Cylinder capacity. Somehow.

Gust of Wind: A very cheap crossbow with very strong damage.
Gust of Wind’s Impact, Regular, Stun, and Toxic bolts: Alternate ammo types.
Leaping Tiger Dao: Extra damage after several (Amount Unknown) hits.
Dragon Ji Polearm: Extra damage on a heavy attack, after several (Amount Unknown) hits.

Hellbeast Shotgun: Requires no base shotgun to craft.
Your First: Extra Damage after 3 hits.

Volkan Combat Rifle: Incredibly clear sights, 45 Round Magazine, and integrally suppressed.
Volkan Combat Pistol: Three Round Burst.

Torn Whisper: A silenced Desert Eagle that does not require Subsonic Ammo.

Guardian: An Assault Rifle with Three Round Burst
HyperArgument: A sledgehammer with the unique Event Modifier “Hypermode” permanently added to it.

Ox Cannon: A shotgun with incredibly high damage, but incredibly low accuracy. Has a rare chance to ignite enemies.

Ashes of Ragnarok, The Fiery Aesir, and Asgard’s Wall of Fire: Upgraded variants of the Ragnarok, Aesir, and Asgard’s Protector that do fire damage, even on the shield!

Custom SMG: A SMG that requires no base SMG to craft.
Rust Assault Rifle: Converts the weapon used into an AK, with fully automatic firing mode, instead of a three-round burst.

V-23 Eraser: Adds Burning to Any Assault Rifle
V-40 Suspender: Adds Freezing to any pistol, but only on the last shot in the magazine.
V-27 Shifter: Effect Changes after several hits.

Dawnlight: One Hit Kill on Volatiles.
Heart Piercer: A crossbow that does more damage at night.
Sword of Night: A sword that does more damage at night.

Snowstorm Grenade Launcher: A unique weapon type, that fires freezing grenades.

RGB Axe-Pad: Applies shock after the third consecutive hit.
Next-Gen Maul: Applies shock damage on charged attacks.
LED Meta Bow’s Electric, Exploding and Incendiary Arrows: Unique ammo types for the LED Meta Bow.

Gut Render Chainsaw: A unique weapon type. Causes bleed, destroys armor, and has a high crit chance.
Flesh Ripper: Adds bleeding to any (????)

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