Dying Light: How To Stop The Timer

This guide will help you stop all timers in the game. All challenge timers, Bozak timer, Prison Timer, etc.


How To Stop The Timer
1. Make Sure The NewHost Wont Get Reset.

Do this by both starting in separate solo lobbies and selecting the same mission, force save the game via entering and leaving a quarantine zone. The NewHost should then join the Host.

2. Start a Timed Challenge Such as a Parkour Challenge.

The Host Needs to start a challenge, where both players enter and compete. Make sure you both get the first check point.

3. The Host Needs to Lose Steam Connection to The Game

This can be done by using Ctrl + Shift + Esc and the force stoping the steam process.

4. The session should get transfer to the new host

The NewHost should get an error saying they are lonely, but the game wont reload them just teleport them to there last save point. The old host will just see the NewHost standing still.
Note: if you new host sees a loading screen you have failed

5. The host should restart steam as admin.

And then use shift + tab to re-enable steam play in dying light. Dont restart dying light. The Host should then join the new host.

7. Sleep

Once both players are in sleep in a bed.

7. Start a new chllange

new host to start the same challenge again but the original host does not take part

8. boom timer no longer works

Timer Go Nerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!

About The Bug
We found this when steam crashed one day. We spent hours trying to reproduce it and finally got something that works 1 in 10 trys.

Remember its just a bug, dont rely on this working flawlessly.

It could get patched.

We are also in 2 different time zones. 2 hours apart. this might effect the bug?

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