ELDEN RING: How to Beat Margit, the Fell Omen

Here is a guide on how to beat the first boss Margit, the Fell Omen in ELDEN RING.


How to beat Margit, the Fell Omen

The first phase of this fight will be Margit attacking in large sweeping strikes. They will chain two or three strikes together in a chained combo which you need to be sure to back away quickly from. There will be a moment where Margit holds it’s staff back behind him, this is your signal to back away. Keep a middle distance, if you get to far Margit will use a dashing attack in which you need to dodge or if you have enough stamina, block with a shield.

Be careful circling behind Margit for too long. Its gross tail thing is a weak point but it can also use it to stagger you. Stick to the rule of not being greedy and only hitting the tail once or twice before rolling away.

For the second phase it starts around 60% health. Margit will summon either a dagger, a sword, or a hammer. The hammer will close out a series of chained attacks mostly.. When you see Margit raise the hammer back away quickly, dodging underneath the boss isn’t an option.

Alternatively, Margit will throw two daggers in rapid succession, before pulling a hammer for a crushing overhead attack. Again, the daggers can be easily dodged by rolling to the side whereas the hammer requires you to back away quickly.

Finally, the sword. Like the daggers, the sword will be used to potentially start a chain attack from Margit. Like the staff thing used in phase one, Margit will use the sword in big sweeping attacks. The best counter for this is to back away and use ranged attacks. You can easily be caught up in this if you’re dodging them.

Once Margit is dead you’ll recieve 9,000 runes and a Talisman Pouch. Have fun in Stormveil Castle!

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