ELDEN RING: How to get Margit’s Shackles

Here is a simple guide on how to get Margit’s Shackles in ELDEN RING.


How to get Margit’s Shackles

In the ravine between western and eastern Limegrave you just jump down using your mount and you will find a small cave along the wall on the west side. Bloody Fingers Nerijus guards the cave, you can fight him or run. Go inside, kill/run past some undead in the first room, be aware of the bell alarms in front of the grass. There will be a passage to your left and it will take you to a room where, believe it or not, Patches is the boss. You’ll see a chest, loot it, and it’ll trigger the fight with Patches. Get him down to half health and he will plead for his life. DO NOT KILL HIM. Just stand there, he will calm down. Leave the dungeon and come back and he will have a shop open. He sells an item called Margit’s shackles, which when used will completely immobilize Margit for a while. Only can be used in the first phase, before Marget gets out the hammer and can only be used to interrupt the attacks once.

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