ELDEN RING: How to Farm 1.5 Million Runes in 20 Minutes

Bit complicated version of fairly early-mid game farming tactic which pays handsomely.


• bow/crossbow
• fletched arrows (regular arrows wont reach the target) / bolts (you’ll need to aim manually)
• defeated Margit the Fell Omen
• defeated Morgott the Omen King
• discovered Mohgwyn Palace (either by progressing thru white-faced varre (“no maidens?” npc) quest line, or by using the chest trap

How to get to the farming location

In Mohgwyn Palace you’ll have to find a Bonefire site of grace south-east from starting location. Just follow this map

Let the farming commence!

Once you’ve arrived at the site of grace, take out your bow and two-hand it or reload crossbow (I don’t judge).

go to the ledge and stand near the “gap”. if you’re with a bow target the bird which walks on another side. usually I shoot my arrow when it steps it’s left leg one last time before turning. after the arrow/bolt lands bird will aggro and fall to it’s death giving you 11k runes. Might take few tries to succeed, so bring alot of ammunition.

For crossbow users – aim at lowest right branch gap in tree, fire right when it steps left leg before turning back.

Sit at site of grace, repeat. once you got the hang of where to aim and when to shoot, it’s doable in under 10 seconds.

Golden Scarab Talisman will increase runes gained from 11k to 13k, it can be found here

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